Reaching milestones with Avanti Slingshot®


Integration between Avanti Slingshot® Print MIS and Enfocus Switch has become more seamless through a collaborative partnership. Bi-directional communication, using the Avanti Slingshot® Integration app, allows Switch to update Avanti Slingshot® milestones.

  • Send jobs into production automatically
  • Automate online proofing
  • Get status updates throughout a workflow  


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Partnership for success


Avanti is an Enfocus OEM partner making it simpler and easier for customers to receive sales and support. Avanti offers Switch apps from the Appstore for a smoother integration experience.

  • Simple and quick integration
  • No coding required
  • One vendor for both Avanti Slingshot® and Switch


Automated online proofing

Taking advantage of the Enfocus Switch PDF Review Module allows Avanti Slingshot® users to fully automate the online proofing process.

  1. An Avanti Slingshot® job is released to proof
  2. Switch receives the proof requested job information
  3. Switch sends an email with a link to an online PDF proof using the PDF Review Module
  4. The customer approves or rejects the proof
  5. Switch sends the approval status back to Avanti Slingshot®




“Our development work in integrating Avanti Slingshot® and Enfocus Switch has proven how well the two products complement one another, and we’ve seen the remarkable value that this synergy has brought to print shops.”

Patrick Bolan, President and CEO, Avanti Systems Ltd.



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