Upload to Enfocus

You have reached the support section of Enfocus.com. This content is only available in English.

To make it easy for you to send files to Enfocus, we've created a special 'Send to Enfocus-connector', a simple and user-friendly tool you can use to deliver files to Enfocus.

You do not need any special application to run a connector.

How to upload files to Enfocus

  1. Download either the Windows or the Mac version of the 'Upload to Enfocus' connector by clicking one of the following links:
    Upload to Enfocus connector for Windows
    Upload to Enfocus connector for Mac 
  2. Put all the files you want to send to Enfocus in one folder.
  3. Drop that folder on the Upload to Enfocus connector.
    Maximum total file size: 5 GB.
  4. Send an email to support@enfocus.com describing your problem and mention the name of the folder you've uploaded via this connector.

One of our support engineers will get back to you soon!