14 Jan 2019 by Piet De Pauw

Sit back and print with Cloudprinter and Enfocus

Deborah Corn, the Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse, has a chat with Angelo Manno, our Global OEM and Strategic Accounts Manager and Martijn Eier, CEO at Cloudprinter. They share how their partnership enables print service providers to increase their print volume and improve job efficiency and how they are building a global print network through automation.

26 Dec 2018 by Toon Van Rossum

ProQuest unleashed Switch Automation on over 1.2 million pages a month

From microfilm to PDF

ProQuest is a key partner for newspapers, universities, libraries, and other content holders, preserving and enabling access to their rich and varied information. Those worldwide partnerships have built a growing content collection that now encompasses 90,000 authoritative sources, six billion digital pages and spans 600 years.

9 Jan 2019 by John Dean

Keep calm and just get those files to press – here’s how!

When it comes down to it, the daily grind of print production is getting those files to the press faster than you can say “PDF”. That’s doesn’t mean that bottle necks don’t occur at finishing, but a press without a job to run is like a bar that just ran out of beer. Need help keeping those presses fed? The Enfocus product family has your back!

9 Jan 2019 by Piet De Pauw

Freebie alert! Check out the Enfocus Appstore

Stuck with a workflow challenge in Switch? It’s very possible that someone else has already found the solution and are sharing it through the Enfocus Appstore - and perhaps you can even get it for free! Catch a glimpse of the offerings here.

9 Jan 2019 by John Dean

The customer is king – but even kings can do with some education

If only your print business could thrive without customers, right? We hear you. Most printers’ customers don’t know a thing about printing, yet they do know they want to receive that picture-perfect job no later than yesterday. In fact, we believe the printing industry as a whole would be much happier with just a little customer education. Don’t know where to start? Just scroll on down!

9 Jan 2019 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

Did you know? Barcodes can be tiny job tickets

Like most manufacturing processes, print shops rely on job tickets. Despite the industry’s increasing focus on automation, however, a lot of printers still use paper tickets that travel through the process with the job. Are you one of those printers and are you fed up with tickets getting misplaced or lost? Enfocus now has the perfect solution in store.