29 Jan 2021 by Toon Van Rossum

Development platform for printers

Switch is a better development platform

4 Jan 2021 by Piet De Pauw

Wihabo uses Ultimate Impostrip® and Enfocus Switch to produce up to 1000 jobs a day

Wihabo was founded in 1986 by two brothers, Willy and Hans Bosch. Located in Geffen, Netherlands, Wihabo is well-known for printing high-volume unique and personalized prints for local and international customers, including Tony’s Chocolonely. From cards, books, flyers, magazines, brochures, packaging and tenders to personalized gift boxes, sleeves and chocolate wraps, they produce a wide range of products in a highly customized workflow to efficiently deliver mass production and specialty prints every day.

22 Dec 2020 by John Dean

Edit PDF files with PitStop Pro

When a file gets deep into production and there needs to be some correction, whether it’s customer requested or customer induced, it’s not really necessary to go back to native files. It’s arguable that doing so may introduce more opportunity for error as well as add days to a job. Afterall, a car doesn’t leave a race when it’s low on fuel. It makes a pitstop.

19 Nov 2020 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

Benefits and skill requirements of automation software

FESPA Coffee Break:

23 Oct 2020 by Toon Van Rossum

Business success through MIS integration

Winning print services with MIS

MIS for everyone

21 Oct 2020 by Piet De Pauw

#IPD20: Who wants to be a printer, anyway?

There are some very good reasons not to pursue a career in print.

Let me tell you: none of them are actually true. A quick rundown of most common misconceptions about the printing industry.

24 Sep 2020 by Piet De Pauw

Imprint MIS - First MIS Solution to Build their own Switch App

Imprint MIS

Since 1979, Imprint MIS has been helping print service providers. They have been and continue to be technology-led. Because they have built their system themselves, they know it inside out. Imprint MIS approaches each of their customers with the uniqueness that defines them. It’s easy to say that Imprint MIS customers get a bespoke integration with their production environment. Just like the service at a proper tailor, your suit, your MIS, must be a custom fit.

31 Jul 2020 by Toon Van Rossum

The Workflow Automation Freedom Movement

Technology should follow process

From the very beginning, the Enfocus fundamental belief has been that technology should follow process and not the other way around. With this philosophy as a guide, Enfocus develops software that enables its customers to integrate their islands of technology. Tighter integration adds up to efficiency. The Enfocus team partners with software OEMs, integrators and vendors to help businesses work smarter.

23 Jul 2020 by Deborah Corn

Podcast: Deborah Corn talks BoardingPass with Andrew Bailes-Collins

9 Jul 2020 by Wim Fransen

Post Pandemic Print

Human nature is to adapt, overcome, and survive. We can’t help it. It’s what we do as a species. What we do as an industry isn’t all that different. Not that long ago, the general consensus would tell you that printers most certainly cannot work from home.