16 Jul 2018 by Toon Van Rossum

Why email proofing will always be a pain. Unless …

Ever since mail was invented, email proofing has been common practice. Instead of having clients proof hard copies, printers send them PDF files for approval via email. However, email proofing is inefficient, not to mention error-prone. Fortunately, there is a simple solution at hand.     

26 Jun 2018 by Toon Van Rossum

Why no automation software is complete without dashboards

Think dashboards are just another trend in automation software that will soon blow over? Think again. According to Infotrends (*), the dashboarding trend is clearly alive, kicking and unlikely to decline anytime soon. Which isn’t all that surprising, considering the added value data visualization through dashboards creates. Read on to keep your finger on the pulse!

18 Apr 2018 by Deborah Corn

PODCAST: Automation, Optimization and the Power of Enfocus Switch

Welcome to the latest Podcast hosted by Deborah Corn. In this, the second Enfocus podcast, Deborah talks with Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum, and discusses production transparency, the benefits of true automation and the latest features of Switch 2018.

4 Apr 2018 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

Serif vs sans serif? Let’s settle the battle once and for all

Choosing between serif vs sans serif is an age-old dilemma that still fazes many printers and graphic designers. Or, better said, it has been a dilemma ever since someone invented the first sans serif type, somewhere around 1925. Rumor has it, it had something to do with the Bauhaus Dessau designed by Herbert Bayer. Anyway, contrary to what many readers assume, the serif vs sans serif issue is not just a matter of taste. There is a strong case to be made for both types of font, depending on the context they’re used in.

27 Mar 2018 by Morten Reitoft

INKISH Conversations with Wim Fransen

INKISH's Editor Morten Bech Reitoft recently visited our offices for a chat with managing director, Wim Fransen. 

Take a look at this great INKISH Conversations movie to hear all about what's going on at Enfocus.

26 Mar 2018 by Toon Van Rossum

What do millennials expect from your print service?

Who is the millennial consumer? Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials grew up addicted to technology, and indeed spend their days with their noses buried in their smartphones. Remarkably though, and fortunately for the print industry, the millennial generation also has a thing for print. Not because it’s hip to be old-school but because they often feel that print makes it easier to absorb information. Add to that the fact that millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2030, and printers have no choice but to start making their business millennial-friendly.