23 Nov 2016 by Jeffrey Philips

The power of colour psychology – do you know your stuff?

If you’re even slightly involved in advertising or marketing, we needn’t convince you that colour greatly affects consumer behaviour. Do you think you know all the dos and don’ts when it comes to colour, brands and packaging? Read our overview and find out!

27 Oct 2016 by Tim Bernaerdt

3 golden tips to reduce prepress costs

A lot of time, effort and money goes into prepress processes, so naturally you want to get that final print right the first time. If you want to keep errors at bay to reduce prepress costs to an absolute minimum, you’ve come to the right address. Take these golden tips to heart, sit back and watch your prepress processes become more cost-effective than ever.

19 Oct 2016 by Fabian Prudhomme

International Print Day! Meet the people who made it all possible

Print professionals and enthusiasts around the world, rejoice! Today, October 19, is International Print Day. A time to be grateful for the amazing technological advancements the print industry has benefited from throughout the years – and the perfect moment to thank the people who made it all possible.

4 Oct 2016 by Michael Reiher

4 secrets all great brand logos have in common

If we were to ask you to draw the Nike logo, would you be able to do it (pun intended)? How about the McDonalds logo? And the Mercedes-Benz logo? Chances are you’d sketch all three of them flawlessly without thinking. That’s because they all have one thing in common: they’re fantastic examples of great brand logos. Are you a graphic designer looking to create the next great brand logo destined for the hall of fame? Then we’ve got a few tips lined up for you!

13 Sep 2016 by Fabian Prudhomme

Hasten slowly

Our recent OEM deal with the CHILI rendro solution and how this came to fruition is a shining example of the DIT principle: Drive - Integrity - Trust.

9 Aug 2016 by Jeffrey Philips

Thinking outside the page box: a guide to PDF page boxes

Support engineer Jeff explains what PDF page boxes are all about, and how you can check them in PitStop Pro.