BoardingPass: feedback in a minute

Enfocus BoardingPass allows customer-facing staff to instantly validate PDF files for print.

Integrated with an email client, BoardingPass identifies errors that require a file to be resubmitted and automatically drafts an email reply.

Customer service agents gain the power to provide quick and understandable job feedback. Prepress not required.


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“We find it fantastic. BoardingPass addresses our need to identify job files with no-go conditions.”

Glenn Bryant, Operations Manager, Express Print & Mail


PDF viewer

  • A standalone application that views PDFs
  • Views PDF the way they will look on press
  • Assures consistent PDF viewing independent of operating system or hardware
  • Views color separations


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PDF checker

  • A standalone application that checks PDFs
  • Finds "showstopping" issues that require a customer do-over
    • missing fonts
    • no bleed
    • low-resolution images
    • trim size
    • non-permitted colors
  • Gives customer service the ability to identify PDF problems without waiting for prepress


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What are showstoppers?

A showstopper is an issue that would cause the customer to have to resubmit the job file.

Showstoppers are typically in the following categories:


Image resolution

Several things can lead to a customer using an image with an insufficient resolution. Low-resolution images must be replaced or approved to print as-is. 

  • Screengrabs and internet images do not meet print production standards.

  • Small images stretched to large dimensions become poor reproductions

  • Mistakenly using a placement only image in the production file will need to be replaced with the high-resolution image


Document information

The biggest issues that printers and their customers have to overcome are checked by BoardingPass.

A job file can printable, but not match the job ticket specifications. The best place to catch this scenario is before it ever gets to prepress. 

Use presets to simplify checking:

  • Different job types

  • Correct number of pages

  • Expected color separations

Font problems

Missing fonts have historically frustrated printers. Fonts that are not embedded will print incorrectly or not at all. The best practice is to get them embedded rather than asking for fonts later.

  • Flag missing fonts at on-boarding
  • Prevents the need for font substitution by prepress or a RIP

  • Ensures text will appear as expected and without reflow

Insufficient bleed

Incorrect bleed in a file doesn't stop it from being printed, but it is needed for a clean trim appearance and ultimately, a happy customer.

  • Check bleed amount with production standards
  • Prevents file manipulation to create "fake" bleed in the file

  • Ensures accurate reproduction at trim edges

  • Offers bleed check support for books, magazines, and brochures.


Trim size

Aside from RIP related issues, an incorrect trim size in the PDF needs to be flagged as early as possible. BoardingPass lets you check for that. 

  • Verify the trim size in the file versus the job ticket

  • Inconsistent trim sizes from page to page within the PDF

  • Page orientation consistency


 Color spaces

BoardingPass supports color space checks. 

If a document contains non-permitted color spaces, BoardingPass lists them as errors.




Integrated into email


  • Drag and drop attachments from email
  • Compare emailed instructions to BoardingPass checks in one interface
  • Automatically drafts a reply in clear terminology
  • Edit reply or add comments before sending to customer
  • Files that pass checks can be forwarded to prepress
  • Automatically download files from WeTransfer


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Replies drafted automatically

BoardingPass helps to streamline your communication process by creating an email draft for you. 

  • File errors are outlined and organized
  • Plain language replies, ready to send
  • Edit drafts, if needed, before sending
  • Promotes consistent messaging to customers



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Send jobs to Prepress

When a file passes the tests for showstoppers, it's ready for prepress. BoardingPass gives you the option to forward the email and BoardingPass notes.

  • Forward to prepress with one click
  • Include BoardingPass notes
  • Keeps the email conversation simplified
  • Add any additional information before sending


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Usage data dashboard

Access your BoardingPass usage data from your Enfocus account. The dashboard displays insights into how you are using BoardingPass.

  • Number of files opened
  • Number sent to prepress or replied to customer
  • Most found errors by type

Usage data provides a valuable overview of in-app activity, allowing you to quickly determine the quality of incoming job files.

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