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Affordable, flexible automation

Switch is an affordable, easy-to-use, highly versatile automation platform. It is as simple to get started with as an out-of-the-box, GUI tool, while packing the automation punch of a full team of developers.

  • Uniquely easy to get started with
  • Affordable, with a modular architecture

  • Built and priced for out-of-the-box success

  • Capable of increasing throughput on day one

  • Cost-effective, typically seeing ROI within six months


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Calculate the ROI of Switch

Switch automation can be surprisingly affordable!

After years of research, we have developed a tool to calculate how long it will take you to earn back your automation investment.

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Why Automate with Switch?

​Your market demands greater throughput and efficiency that can’t be achieved profitably by adding more staff. Besides, your staff don’t want repetitive, soul sucking jobs.

The solution is automation. With Enfocus Switch, you’ll see immediate effect including better margins, happier employees, higher quality, and much greater productivity.

  • Spend less time on tedious tasks and more on creating revenue

  • Automate existing business processes and see profits soar

  • Automate anything – get creative with new business objectives

  • Scale to any level, from mom & pop to enterprise production


Change Nothing,
Change Everything

Before Enfocus Switch, automation meant disruption. Business processes were frequently upended during long, expensive – and often unsuccessful – integration periods.

Switch is different.

It delivers progressive, non-disruptive automation that incrementally guarantees improvements to your workflows.

  • Integrate seamlessly with any workflow process

  • Add new features when needed – Switch is modular, affordable, and cost-effective

  • Automate incrementally – learn and grow your platform capabilities over time

  • Enjoy working with a tool that is simple to use but infinitely powerful


Make Connections

Switch automates the flow of information, breaking the barriers between systems, teams, and islands of disparate processes in your organization. To keep things simple, Switch provides simplified, robust connectivity through apps for many leading tools in production, data manipulation, and beyond, including:

  • Fully automated, customer-focused, online PDF proofing & approvals

  • Out-of-the-box connections to MIS, Web-to-Print, Imposition, and other production tools

  • A full-featured Appstore of ready-to-use solutions

  • The scripting tools you need to build any custom connection with a wide-open API



Go off Script

The power of Switch Scripting blows the doors of your business potential wide open. If you can imagine it, Switch can script it. Set your in-house scripting talent loose on Switch’s intuitive tools or get expert help from our global Partners network. Either way, adding scripting to your workflows will create new business opportunities and get fast results.

  • Develop scripts in a modern environment with JavaScript or TypeScript using Switch’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • Employ the enormous resources of Node.js and NPM packages.

  • Work with any standard protocol or language: XML, JSON, SOAP, SQL, HTTPS, SSH, Shell, etc. – Switch can handle them all.

  • Enjoy limitless possibilities – whether you need connectivity, messaging, data exchange, logic, or anything else, Switch scripting can automate it.


Expert Help, Always at Hand

Ready to start your automation journey but not sure how or where to begin? Help is always at the ready through our global network of Certified Partners and Resellers. These expert consultants, solutions architects, and customer success teams are on hand in every region to help meet your business needs.

  • Guidance on deciding how to approach your automation journey

  • Help planning your solution’s architecture

  • Technical assistance in building and deploying your solution

  • Training in everything from basics through advanced scripting

  • Support for your solution when you need it

Why Customers Love Switch

Switch is easy-to-use yet completely revolutionary at the same time. It regularly leaves customers feeling like superheroes, able to take on their business and production challenges single handedly. 

More than a workflow automation tool, Switch instantly fits with all your existing people, processes and systems, breaking process silos, boosting production, and taking the pain out of repetitive tasks.

Incredibly flexible, Switch never forces you to work in one particular way. Customers often start their automation journey with simple, fast file-ingestion flows then automate complex tasks over time.



“We’re very excited about the new Node.js scripting environment in Switch. The modern JavaScript standard makes script development much easier and the NPM ecosystem vastly expands the capabilities of what can be done in Switch."

Matthew Kay, Workflow Specialist, Bluetree Group, Rotherham, United Kingdom




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