Monday November 18, 2019

Bennett Graphics: 3 hour jobs in 15 minutes

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Bennett Graphics gets more done with Enfocus Switch

The team at Bennett Graphics, Tucker, GA, discusses the value they found in implementing Enfocus Switch. Bennett Graphics was faced with the business challenge of being able to process jobs fast enough. They chose Switch to solve their realized need for automation in order to keep up with growing business and a changing work mix.

“I was managing my client and managing the process. Now, I’m managing my client, which is incredible.”

Aras Naujokas, Account Manager, Bennett Graphics


Switch was initially put in place to handle one specific need in label production. As Bennett saw the process improvements, they found more and more ways to automate. They have found that expanding the number of processes that Switch handles can be as easy as duplicating an existing solution, then making adjustments to fit new customer requirements.

The benefits are essential to the way Bennett Graphics grows their business.

“We took a three to four hour per label job, prepress time, down to about fifteen minutes, max.”

Adam Seiz, Director of Process Improvement, Bennett Graphics


Adam continues:

“It’s the difference in being able to do the work for profit or not being profitable at all.”



“There are certain divisions of the company that we just wouldn’t be able to operate without it.”




Bennett Graphics builds winning print services with Enfocus Switch!

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