16 Jan 2018 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

Back to black: how to print ‘deep’ or ‘rich black’

Using black ink for offset printing can be a tricky business. We’ve all been there, scratching our heads when we see a supposedly jet black area turn out grayish, greenish or even bluish in print. Fortunately, graphic designers and printers have a few tricks up their sleeves to solve this common printing problem and create what is known in the printing industry as rich black or deep black.

2 Jan 2018 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

Color conversion & PitStop: a perfect match

There’s no denying it: color conversion is key when it comes to brand recognition. Graphic designers and marketeers use it all the time because getting that one particular shade that looks so awesome on screen looking exactly the same on logos and objects and textile and packaging and posters is challenging, to say the least – hence the need for proper color conversion! What does PitStop have to do with this, you ask? Playing it safe, that’s what!

13 May 2016 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

ISO / DIS 19593-1 Processing steps 2016

Graphic Technology -  Use of PDF to associate processing steps and content data – Part 1: Processing steps 2016.

Andrew explains why this will be a game changer

11 Feb 2016 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

5 tips for efficient large format printing

Not all files are suitable for large print, and even the smallest mistake can become a very expensive problem. More often than not, large format prints are printed on pricy materials such as vinyl or plastic and require special, costly ink that is able to withstand inclement weather.

16 Dec 2015 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

PDF bleed: why is it so important?

Have you ever sent a perfect looking PDF file to your printer, only to receive the job back with unwanted white edges? Then you probably forgot to include a bleed area. PitStop product manager Andrew Bailes-Collins talks about this issue, and how you can avoid it.