24 Aug 2018 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

PDF blows out 25 candles! So, what does the future hold?

After a quarter of a century, PDF is still around. Will the popular file format still be considered just as awesome another twenty-five years from now? Our bet is yes! We even dare say that PitStop played a big part in its adoption in our industry. Don’t believe us? Let history convince you otherwise!

9 Jan 2018 by Diana Albiol

Image compression: what’s in a file format?

Printers and graphic designers rely on the right file format for correct image compression. And choosing the right format – gif, tif, jpg, jpeg, png, eps or pdf – needs careful consideration in order to ensure the right output. Do you find yourself confused every time you’re about to save an image file and your computer asks you to pick an extension? Help is on the way! Continue reading to find out which file format best suits your image.

24 Oct 2017 by Piet De Pauw

So what’s the deal with Certified PDF?

There’s a lot more to the humble PDF than meets the eye. All may appear calm on the surface but so much can go wrong along the journey from your screen to the printer. Since quite a few PDF creators are unaware of this, printers often need to spend precious time editing their clients’ PDFs to get them print-ready and, understandably, there are some printers who would prefer to avoid all that fuss and simply accept Certified PDFs only.

18 Aug 2017 by Piet De Pauw

5 reasons why PDF will always be successful

When VHS made its way to the home video industry in the early 1990s, everyone was in awe. The same thing happened when Adobe introduced PDF to the world only a few years later. But while VHS soon found itself replaced with DVD, followed by Blu-ray and live streaming, PDF is still around after almost a quarter of a century. Will this popular file format still be considered just as awesome another 25 years from now? We have five reasons to be confident that the answer is yes!

9 Aug 2016 by Jeffrey Philips

Thinking outside the page box: a guide to PDF page boxes

Support engineer Jeff explains what PDF page boxes are all about, and how you can check them in PitStop Pro.

13 May 2016 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

ISO / DIS 19593-1 Processing steps 2016

Graphic Technology -  Use of PDF to associate processing steps and content data – Part 1: Processing steps 2016.

Andrew explains why this will be a game changer

21 Mar 2016 by Jeffrey Philips

How to fix PDF bleed problems with PitStop Pro

Enfocus support engineer Jeff takes you through everything you need to know about fixing bleed in PitStop Pro.

11 Feb 2016 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

5 tips for efficient large format printing

Not all files are suitable for large print, and even the smallest mistake can become a very expensive problem. More often than not, large format prints are printed on pricy materials such as vinyl or plastic and require special, costly ink that is able to withstand inclement weather.

14 Jan 2016 by Michael Reiher

In-plant printers and the hunt for wild PDFs

Being an in-plant printer is different from being a commercial printer. Michael Reiher explains the challenges of getting a printable PDF file from a diverse user base.

16 Dec 2015 by Andrew Bailes-Collins

PDF bleed: why is it so important?

Have you ever sent a perfect looking PDF file to your printer, only to receive the job back with unwanted white edges? Then you probably forgot to include a bleed area. PitStop product manager Andrew Bailes-Collins talks about this issue, and how you can avoid it.