Martes Diciembre 17, 2019

Prisa Noticias utiliza Switch para automatizar

Prisa Noticias utiliza Switch para automatizar por completo el proceso de preimpresión y producción editorial para sus cabeceras EL PAIS, Cinco Días, el diario Deportivo AS y para muchas otras más.

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About Piet De Pauw

After obtaining a bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts, Piet started his career as a software support engineer at Esko. This immediately made him realize the vital importance of automation within an organisation.

Passionate about the web, he became an online marketer at Thomas More university college, gained a lot of digital marketing experience and re-joined Esko in the Enfocus business unit.

Today he's in charge of driving interest for the Enfocus automation solutions. As you're reading this after reading an entire article, he might think he succeeded...

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