Martes, Septiembre 25, 2018

Partnership between and Enfocus simplifies global print manufacturing

Enfocus, the leader in PDF quality control, advanced PDF editing and workflow automation for the graphic arts industry, and, the leading Global Print API for print buyers, announce today that they have joined forces to provide print service providers the most efficient way to connect their print production workflows with print buyers around the world.

Connecting print buyers and print service providers across the globe

The Global Print API from connects a fast-growing number of print buyers to a global network of print service providers via a cloud-based interface (API). Print jobs submitted to the Print API are automatically routed based on an AI algorithm to the nearest most qualified print service provider. has now released the Cloudprinter app for Enfocus Switch, reducing the effort for the print service provider to connect to the Production API.

Enfocus Switch is an automation solution that enables any business to connect their prior invested technology into efficient flows by automating repetitive tasks while improving productivity and efficiencies. Its feature-set can be further enhanced with apps, developed by customers, integrators, resellers, solution partners, and anyone else with a creative mind, and are made available on the Enfocus Appstore for other Enfocus Switch users to purchase.

The Cloudprinter app connects and exchanges data between Enfocus Switch and the Production API. The integration is seamless and connects globally located publishers, Fortune500 companies and web2print providers with the print service provider that meets their price, product and fulfilment criteria.

“The key of our success with is the exchange of real-time production data and the ability to connect print buyers with print service providers."

Martijn Eier, CEO and Co-founder,


“Print buyers connect to the Print API to seamlessly integrate their E-commerce, ERP, DAM or web2print applications while print service providers connect their print production facility using the Production API. By making the Cloudprinter app for Enfocus Switch available, we’re providing a cost effective and smart interface to innovative print service providers, and at the same time increase their level of automation to make their print production even more efficient and cost effective,” says Martijn Eier, CEO and Co-Founder of

Benefits to new and existing Print Partners

While new print service providers immediately benefit from the short time it takes to connect their print production workflow through Enfocus Switch to the Production API, also existing Print Partners will benefit from using Enfocus Switch. Besides the standardized connectivity with the Production API, they can integrate Enfocus Switch with their local production systems and software for increased production efficiencies.

Close collaboration results in six unique apps

In close collaboration with Enfocus, developed a collection of six Cloudprinter apps for Enfocus Switch. This collection can be obtained through a single purchase from the Enfocus Appstore for Enfocus Switch 2018 or newer versions.

Once purchased, these apps become available in Enfocus Switch and will each perform a specific task, including:

  • Managing the receipt of an order
  • Sending a confirmation when an order is accepted and imported into the print service provider’s order admin system
  • Managing the download and validation of PDF files for production
  • Sending shipping status, shipping option and tracking code
  • Inform about delays due to production errors
  • Managing cancellation of a print order

“With the new Cloudprinter app, the integration between our Switch and the Cloudprinter Production API was really straightforward. Communication between our Switch flow and Clouldprinter ensured for accurate real-time feedback about the print work. Brilliant!!”

Vernon van Dyk, Prepress Manager, ZeroPlus Printers, South Africa


Immediate benefits for clients

Enfocus helps print service providers worldwide with programmable workflow solutions which realize better profits by removing common errors, automating time consuming tasks and helping them to bring together multiple systems into one reliable workflow solution for streamlined print manufacturing. The connectivity with the Production API is a standard, single interface, enabling print service providers to connect to the Production API in hours, rather than weeks. Production information is exchanged in real-time between the print service provider and the print buyer, keeping both parties informed on the progress of the print job.

"We reduced integrating Cloudprinter and our production to just a few days instead of weeks.”

Dennis Meijer, Project Manager, Quantes


"We reduced integrating Cloudprinter and our production to just a few days instead of weeks,” says Dennis Meijer, Project Manager at Quantes, The Netherlands. “Product portfolio and configurations were easy to set up and flexible to adjust."

“The partnership with is strengthening our customer centric ecosystem. The key was to focus on the customer needs by providing a combined solution and services designed to improve the quality of jobs, increase productivity, and making the customers more profitable. immediately understood the advantages for their customers and in no time they developed the Cloudprinter app for Enfocus Switch.”

Angelo Manno, Global OEM & Strategic Accounts Manager, Enfocus


Relying on the expertise of Enfocus certified integration partners

Enfocus Switch combined with the Cloudprinter app is the preferred solution to integrate the print service provider’s print production workflow with the Production API. Print service providers who want to make their print production services available to global print buyers, and have a need to further integrate with their existing workflow, print MIS, and other software solutions, can rely on the expertise of Enfocus certified integration partners. Depending on the location will recommend the appropriate Enfocus integration partner to the print service provider.

Learn more about the Cloudprinter integration

Check out the Cloudprinter app on the Enfocus Appstore to see how it works.