Martes, Abril 5, 2016

Enfocus – driving innovation for today and the future

In this article, we explore the factors that have made Enfocus products standout in the past, and review the ground breaking innovations that are driving Enfocus – and their customers – into the future.

The worldwide appeal of Enfocus solutions

Enfocus solutions now support customers around the globe. The popularity of these solutions is due in large part for the way this modular product range gives users a reliable, cost effective way to make their operations more efficient.

And while sales of PitStop, which was released over 15 years ago, have reached their peak, sales of these other solutions continue to grow. Enfocus Connect has gained tremendous traction since 2014. In addition, sales of Enfocus Switch have grown by over 20% year over year. OEM partnership sales now account for more than 20% of the company’s total revenue.

Customer satisfaction for these solutions is high. An astounding 95% of Enfocus customers renew their maintenance contracts.

The company has a growing, satisfied customer base that is successfully deploying Enfocus solutions to enable end-to-end automation in their organisation.

And it is from this strong foundation that Enfocus looks to the future.

Growing existing markets

To start, Enfocus will continue to concentrate on what they have done well: capture new opportunities in their existing markets by developing and delivering best-in-class, reliable solutions at a low cost of ownership.

"These are still challenging times for many printing and publishing organisations. The global economy is still very fragile; there is weakness in trade, wages and prices. But this lacklustre recovery can be an opportunity for our solutions, because they enable users to be more effective without requiring a big investment. For these reasons, we are optimistic about expanding sales of our products in existing markets."

Fabian Prudhomme, Vice President, Enfocus

Disruptive technology and the power of Enfocus

Enfocus is also undertaking a transformation effort that will – over time – fundamentally change the workflow process and business delivery models customers experience today.

This transformation will come from three key areas: co-creation, innovation, and new business models.

The power of co-creation

Until very recently, the process of value creation was driven almost exclusively within a company. The role of the consumer was seen only at the end of the product development process. The emergence of the Internet and related technologies has created a new paradigm for creating value: co-creation.

Co-creation is a management initiative that brings different parties together – such as a company and a group of customers – to jointly produce a mutually valued outcome.

Co-creation has been used extensively in other industries such as music, content and software. In February 2016, Enfocus became the first supplier to bring the co-creation model to the graphic arts sector when they announced the Enfocus Appstore. It brings developers and users together to enhance the user experience and maximise their investment in Switch technology.

“The Enfocus Appstore represents a whole new way of thinking about how technology gets developed. Instead of just relying on Enfocus for technical developments, customers can connect and exchange apps directly with each other. The result is a thriving marketplace where the global Switch Community can share their knowledge and work for the benefit of all. The possibilities of what can be created here are virtually unlimited.”

Bjorn Willems, Director of Product Management, Enfocus


Almost one month after its launch, the Enfocus Appstore hosted 15 Apps and over 30 trials had been started. More apps are being added regularly and the number of trials grows daily. At this pace of growth, Enfocus estimates that by drupa 2016, over 50 apps from 20 app creators will be available, and over 250 trials will be underway.

The power of innovation

It’s clear that mobile devices have become the preferred tool for communication. There are now 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally. Add to that the fact that more than 15% of the global population – more than 1 billion people – have used a tablet in 2015.

This growth in mobile has helped to expand the use of digital technology. Together, these trends have empowered the consumer, setting the expectation that they can be in control during the entire product experience.

To support these trends, Enfocus developed the PDF Review Module. This is a new add-on Module for Enfocus Switch. This module gives users an easy way to view PDFs, perform object-based inspection and review all from within an HTML5 based interface on a desktop or tablet. With the Switch PDF Review Module, Switch customers have the opportunity to add useful touch points with their customers wherever it is needed in the workflow.

The use of the PDF Review Module in Switch streamlines the review process. Once a PDF has been created, an email is sent to the reviewer with a link to the PDF. The user clicks the link and the PDF is opened in the browser. The person reviewing the PDF is presented with a fully configurable user interface, depending on their role and skill level. It could range from a very basic PDF preview with an Approve/Reject button on the bottom to an expert view that includes tools such as Eyedropper, Separation view, and Wireframe. The expert view also allows the user to analyse individual objects within the PDF file, similar to the Inspector Module of PitStop Pro.

Bjorn Willems, continues, “Users report that one of the most valued features of PitStop Pro is the Inspector feature. With the PDF Review Module, users can access that valuable functionality from any HTML5 browser. This fundamentally changes the PDF review process, giving users a faster, more accurate way to manage this critical process.”

In addition to the PDF Review Module, Enfocus is also using HTML to connect job tickets. There are three HTML formats supported for this feature: Basic, Internal HTML and External HTML. All three formats support variables and Smart Preflight and the External HTML allows for database connectivity through dynamic fields. These features will be introduced with the release of Connect 13.2.

Flexible Business models

This spirit of innovation is also carrying into the way software is delivered and used by customers.

For example, PitStop Server 13.2 will come with a new optional licensing model that includes monthly or yearly subscriptions. This subscription based licensing gives users a greater flexibility and ensures they are always working with the latest versions. It also enables customers to better manage the seasonality of their business.      

Enfocus is also working on a Cloud-based solution that gives users more flexibility and security. Using Enfocus Cloud, users can automatically sync Switch assets (workflows, etc.) to the Cloud. In case of hardware failure, the user simply reinstalls Switch on a new server, logs in with their Enfocus ID and all workflows will be restored.

Transforming how business gets done

Fabian Prudhomme concludes, “The global community of Enfocus users drives all that we do. We actively work to enhance our solutions so they continue to meet the needs of our growing user base and attract new customers. But if we are to truly succeed, we also need to think differently. We need to embrace disruptive solutions that fundamentally transform how business gets done. This is the company’s mission for today – and we are truly excited about where it will take our business and the businesses of our customers.”