axaio software

axaio software streamlines automated PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, InCopy and QuarkXPress environments. Its flagship product, MadeToPrint, vastly increases the reliability and efficiency of PDF creation, print output processes as well as export to different other file formats. Additionally MadeToPrint seamlessly integrates into different editorial systems as e.g. vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise, Quark Publishing Platform for a status-based output. axaio solutions are being used by publishing houses, advertisement agencies, prepress service providers and packaging companies all over the world.

Another topic axaio software is focusing on is the relaible generation of accessible PDF documents from within Adobe InDesign, a theme of growing importance, especially for the public sector. axaio software is based in Berlin/Germany and actively supports the international PDF standards and is member of the PDF Association.