Switch 09 release notes

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Switch 09

New features

1) Better support for third-party automation, Switch 09 includes the following new configurators:

- GMG Connect 
- ICS Remote Director 
- Dutch Software Elvis 
- Woodwing Enterprise 
- ...

2) Professional email support

- Switch 09 supports email in plain text or HTML format. 
- Use templates that are dynamically filled-in by Switch allowing perfectly styled emails to be sent. 
- Check and send emails in a secured way using Pop3 support.

3) Quicker and easier flow editing

  • Folders can automatically be added when two tools or configurators are connected.
  • A flow element can be inserted in an existing connection
  • Connections can be moved from one element to another
  • Switch 09 allows editing properties of multiple flow elements in one go

4) Splitting and merging PDF files

- Switch 09 provides a new flow element to split multi-page PDF files in single pages or ranges of pages and a tool to merge seperate PDF files into one consolidated PDF document.
- These tools are based on the Enfocus library and don't require the use of external applications.

5) Submitting jobs and making manual decisions

- Switch 09 comes with a completely renewed SwitchClient. This tool that can run on the workstation of operators, job managers or even external customers, allows submitting jobs to Switch and making manual decisions.
- Jobs are presented in a very graphical way using thumbnails and operators are disturbed in their work only when absolutely needed.


Switch 09, update 1

New features

- CS5 support
- New ElpicalClaro (Supports ElpicalClaro v7)
- New flow property to allow advanced performance tuning
- New SwitchClient preference to switch thumbnail preview on or off

- Now Switch allows different range of port numbers for communication(1 – 65535).  But please note that the range 0 – 1023 are often managed by IANA and you won’t be able to use ports in this range unless you are priveledged user.


- Split PDF in pages tool keeps PDF/X compliancy 
- New ElpicalClaro (Supports ElpicalClaro v7) 
- Numerous small bugfixes


Switch 09, update 2

New configurators
    •    Dynagram ipO2
    •    Axaio MadeToPrint InDesign Server
    •    ColorLogic Profile Tagger
    •    Elpical Claro Premedia Server
Updated configurators
    •    ProofMaster
    •    Axaio MadeToPrint InDesign
    •    Axaio MadeToPrint QuarkXPress
    •    Enfocus PitStop Server (compatible with PitStop Server 10 - future features available in higher PitStop Server versions are unknow at the time of releasing Switch 09, update 2 and therefor not supported in this version of Switch)
    •    callas pdfToolbox4
New tool
    •    Sort by preflight state 
    •    Handling of script expressions
    •    Metadata pickup tools
    •    Numerous small bugfixes


Switch 09, update 3

Updated configurator:
    •    PitStop Server
    ◦    The updated PitStop Server configurator uses the new xml reports available in PitStop Server 10, update 1, making processing with the configurator faster and more robust.
    ◦    There is the ability to generate “no” report.
    ◦    There is also be a new property to set an “absolute colorimetric” rendering intent.
    ◦    New property validation mechanism makes it faster to set up a flow containing the PitStop Server configurator.
    •    Some small bugfixes related to the PitStop Server configurator 
PitStop Server compatibility:
    •    Switch 09, update 3 is compatible with PitStop Server versions 08 up to 10, update 1.