Switch 12 update 1 release notes

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The heartbleed leak is fixed. To still give older clients (including connection via Connect) the possibility to connect to Switch 12 update 1, we added a new preference to Switch. Before you use this setting, please read the article in our knowledge base: http://www.enfocus.com/en/support/knowledge-base/Is-my-Switch-installationaffected-by-the-heartbleed-bug-channel/

If you set the new preference "Allow older client applications to connect (less secure)" to “Yes”, Switch uses the older SSL certifications for HTTPS communication with Switch Client and Switch Designer. 

This type of connection is less secure, but required if you want to connect Switch Server to Switch Client versions older than Switch 12 update 1. If this preference is set to “No” (default), Switch is only able to connect to Switch 12 update 1 Clients and higher and uses the latest SSL certifications for HTTPs communication with Switch Client and Switch Designer.

Issues solved

Problems while using the User Pane

  • When adding/removing/editing users in the User Pane and/or switching to the User Pane.
  • When running large flows (each containing over 25 configurators/scripted tools) in combination with a large amount of jobs being processed at the same time.

Problems with Script Executors

  • The problem is related to sub flows caching in ScriptExecutors. When the cache reaches its limit and is cleared, Switch may crash.

Problems when updating Configurators via PackManager

  • Some older configurators were only shown if you enabled ‘show packs for noninstalled applications’. These configurators did not have the option to be updated when new versions were available.


Bug Fixes

Number  Description
30760 Crashes in User pane
30865 Crashes in Switch 12 Script Executors
30126 Not possible to update some configurators via Pack Manager with Switch 12
31207 Certain setups trigger a crash in case of extended encrypted communication. Userpane passwords, ODBC, LDAP preferences.
31237 Heartbleed vulnerability


Known issue

Network communication issues when using Switch 12 on Windows

When using Switch 12 on Windows (Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7), you may encounter problems with the network communication, resulting in a ‘Switch Designer can’t connect to the Switch Service’ message in Switch and errors from other applications installed on the system. This problem is due to changes made in Switch 12, which trigger a known issue in Windows.

If you’re facing this problem, please check the article in our knowledge base on how to solve it. There you can also find the link to the hotfix from Microsoft.