Metadata Module

Information unleashes smart automation

The Switch Metadata Module allows the use of metadata in Switch flows, enabling workflow intelligence and job-specific processing.

The Metadata Module is indispensable to:

  • Integrate Switch with your MIS
  • Integrate Switch with web-to-print solutions
  • Allow your automation to make decisions


What is Metadata?

  • Metadata is structured information about job processing.
  • Includes any information related to the job
    • Production specifications
    • Output intent
    • Finishing details
    • Delivery information
    • Job identity
  • Generated by an MIS or web-to-print solution
  • Created from a manual or digital job ticket


What can Switch do with Metadata

  • Switch can interpret metadata provided in many formats:
    • XML
    • JDF
    • XMP
  • Use metadata in Switch just like any other variables to route jobs, to rename them and to make processing decisions.
  • Visualize metadata for jobs submitted in SwitchClient or processed with a Connector.
  • In combination with Apps from the Appstore, the Metadata Module brings all metadata within the reach of all third-party applications that integrate with Switch.

  • Use metadata tools to export metadata and convert XML information, preflight logs and reports into other XML formats, HTML or human-readable information.

Use metadata in your automation flows

The Metadata Module further increases the power of Switch to help you achieve a higher level of automation. Request a free trial and see for yourself!

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