Martedì, Ottobre 17, 2023

Enfocus announces the upcoming release of Enfocus Review

Atlanta, GA, USA, 17 October 2023, Enfocus, the leader in providing affordable, flexible automation and PDF tools to the printing industry, today announces the upcoming release of Enfocus Review – an online proofing solution that redefines efficiency and collaboration in customer review cycles, offering a centralized, effortless, and integrated approach to proofing and feedback.

Designed to make review cycles for print workflows effortless, Review is incredibly easy to set up and use. Moreover, with value-based and affordable pricing – and no hosting costs – it is designed to be as accessible as it is powerful.

Review delivers ultra-fast, accurate PDF viewing in the browser. The challenges of viewer settings, overprint, and color spaces that often lead to inaccurately rendered PDFs are fully addressed, ensuring precise, reliable and amazingly rapid communication between clients and your printshop.


Enfocus Review is going to be a true game-changer. Its release marks a pivotal moment where we elevate the proofing process to new heights of efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability. Every feature is designed with the user’s convenience and productivity in mind. And the launch on the Enfocus Cloud marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine this part of the print workflow landscape.

Davy Verstaen, Review Product Manager


Review is the herald of a new era of cloud-based solutions at Enfocus, as it is the first product launched on the revolutionary Enfocus Cloud platform. Today’s announcement of this technology at Printing United underscores Enfocus’ commitment to continual innovation, with more groundbreaking products set to join the Enfocus Cloud in the near future.


The vast range of improvements that Review brings to PDF review cycles includes:


  • Ease of Use: Set up and start using Review with incredible ease; no complicated processes.
  • Affordable: Value-based pricing tailored to match your exact needs and scale.
  • No Hosting Costs: Say goodbye to additional expenses; Review is as cost-effective as it is powerful.
  • Accurate PDF Viewing: Eliminates the inaccuracies caused by viewer settings, overprint, and color spaces, and is all done in a browser.
  • Configurable Interface: Tailor the tools and interface to suit each reviewer’s expertise and expectations.
  • Multiple Approval Options: Configure any number approval decisions, each triggering an automated flow in Switch.
  • Seamless User Management: Eliminate the fuss of managing accounts and passwords for every review cycle– magic, secure links remove the need.
  • Switch Integration: Effortlessly move approved jobs into your production workflows with zero manual intervention.
  • PitStop Report Integration: Leverage the reporting power of the world’s leading preflight tool seamlessly within your review cycle.
  • Admin Interface: Gain a bird’s eye view of all pending review cycles for enhanced management and decision-making.
  • Enfocus Cloud: Experience the power and flexibility of the newly launched Enfocus Cloud.


Get Hands On with Review at Printing United

Attendees of the Printing United, Atlanta, GA are invited to be the first to experience the transformative power of Enfocus Review. Live, hands-on demos will be available at Booth B15015, offering exclusive insights into how Review centralizes all aspects of proofing and feedback while perfectly integrating with Enfocus Switch production flows.