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Derek Milne

Date and time
21 May 2020
3 pm CET / 9 am ET

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How AI expands the role of image optimization

With the huge advancements in Artificial Intelligence for image understanding, how does this extend the role of automated image optimization in your content production?

The latest version of Claro harnesses two remarkable AI engines to provide a much deeper integration of image optimization into any workflow, whether it be for print or digital channels.

It’s now possible to automatically create highly accurate cut-outs/silos and to identify the content of each image, enabling intelligent actions to be carried out that cross the boundaries of traditional image optimization.

In this session learn how Claro enables your Photoshop team to focus on more creative and subjective tasks while managing complex image toning tasks - all via Switch.

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About Derek Milne

Derek is the sales and marketing manager for Elpical, creators of Claro, and has been involved with automated image toning for over 10 years.

Derek started in the graphic arts at the age of 16 with an apprenticeship at a design firm in rural Oxfordshire, UK. After graduating West Herts College (formerly Watford Print College) with a degree in printing and publishing, Derek worked across the UK and the US for production workflow software developers and is now settled in the Netherlands.