Apogee Proofer Base

Apogee SUB Base Proofer is the Apogee Prepress low resolution base product without output size license restriction. On top of providing color perfect proofs, it can also generate print ready PDF files. 

It allows complete proofing control for a set of Epson and other proofing devices. It supports unattended printing for enhanced productivity. With built-in color management and quality control, the Apogee Proofer system delivers absolute proofing accuracy. Apogee Proofer is not just a RIP but a dedicated proofing workflow system. It provides the operator with the same intuitive and appealing Graphic User Interface as available with all other Apogee Prepress products. 

Apogee SUB Base Proofer comes standard with a Normalizer, PreFlighting low res renderer (APPE), one Proofer TP and Quality Management Tools.

Apogee Workflow Base

Apogee SUB Workflow Base is the hi-res base workflow solution that includes the innovative Apogee Impose, hardcopy proofing and preflighting. It is an affordable prepress workflow solution.

With Apogee SUB Workflow Base, the user has full control over the input and output process and can manage all necessary intermediate steps of the workflow. At the same time, it enables the user to offer his print buyers Apogee WebApproval for page upload and approval.  Apogee Impose is a standard function to automatically generate the most optimal imposition, including all necessary marks based on job specific requirements and the company’s production capabilities such as printing presses and finishing equipment. As such, it reduces errors and increases prepress performance significantly. The feature set of the Essential 4-up can be enriched with InkTune, SPIR@L and other value-add features.