TECNOTRONICA S.a.s. was founded in Feletto Umberto (UD), Italy, in 1999, after obtaining experience in designing industrial equipment, and automation, control and measurement instruments for various industrial companies and research laboratories. Our knowhow is exclusively utilized to develop software solutions for the graphic arts industry, and more specifically for color management and workflow automation in prepress. We also offer consultancy, and sales and support services for third party prepress equipment and software solutions. Some of our developments are patented and registered.


ProXFLOW® is a sophisticated prepress workflow solution that came to market in 2001. Fully automated, it manages the preflight and correction of PDF files using Enfocus PitStop technology, imposition (ProXIMPOSE®), editing, proofing, variable data (ProXDATA®), color management and rasterization (RIP). Output is provided to CTP, CTF, and small and large format digital printing devices. ProXFLOW® is extremely sophisticated but very easy to use. It connects to the outside world using standardized interfaces, allowing easy communication with any graphic and WEB department. ProXFLOW® is easily customizable, addressing the requirements of each prepress department without compromise and with maximum efficiency. Our innovative development approach allows us to anticipate every need that the market requires.