Scripting module 

The Switch Scripting Module provides extensive integration possibilities. It allows for the creation of custom functionality by giving users the ability to run JavaScript within a Switch flow.

In SwitchScripter, you define your element properties, and in your favorite editor, you create your Node.js based script to use inside that element.

There are many integrations made possible with the Scripting Module. Whether developing internally or employing an Enfocus integration partner, this module is an automation must-have.


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Powered by node.js

Switch scripts are node.js scripts.

SwitchScripter is a separate application that allows you to define the properties of a new element and its connections. The Script itself you create in your own preferred environment. You could, for example, make full use of the coding and debugging features of Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code), and import the node.js project into Switch.

The Scripting API provided by Switch gives you full access to file, job, flow, and element data. Allowing you to build everything from simple to complex custom solutions.


Endless amount of resources


Since Switch scripting is node.js based you can make use of a global community of scripters. Hundreds of thousands of script packages are available on npm.js.

Node School

Not sure how to get started with Switch Scripting? Get started with learning node.js! Overwhelmed with the number of courses available? Node School would be a good place to start.

Enfocus on GitHub

Our solution architects are happy to share code examples on our GitHub account. Learn best practices from the pros who create Switch and use it every day.

Switch scripting trail

Got a maintenance contract? We've got your back! Follow our series of eLearning modules dedicated to Switch scripting.

...Or go old school and just RTFM

Consult the Switch Scripting Reference guide in our software manuals. The reference guide contains the ins and outs of Switch scripting.




Did you know?

All elements available in Switch, including all apps, are developed using the same technologies available in the Switch Scripting module.

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Take advantage of proven technologies from industry leaders

Switch is integrated with numerous third-party applications that are in widespread use across the printing, publishing and graphic industries.

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