Scripting Module

Run any custom developed script in Switch

Develop, execute and debug your own scripts via SwitchScripter, a Switch application that provides access to the complete Switch API.

You can implement additional functions that meet your specific needs or build your own scripts to interact with scriptable third-party applications that are not supported by Switch.



The power is in the complete package

One of the powerful features when writing script elements is the possibility to define properties that use Switch variables.

In your script, you can use the value of the variable without having to worry where it came from (e.g. from a database).

This makes script development more powerful with less effort. You can focus on solving the problem and not on how to get the information to solve the problem. It also increases the flexibility of your script as it can easily be repurposed with different parameters without any changes. 



Process on the Switch server, or remotely

Something about Remote processing