Scripting module


The Switch Scripting Module provides extensive integration possibilities. It allows for the creation of custom functionality within by giving users the ability to run JavaScript and VBscript within a Switch flow.

The SwitchScripter makes the development of code that interacts with Switch, Switch jobs and external processes simpler and faster to deploy.

There are many integrations made possible with the Scripting Module. Whether developing internally or employing an Enfocus integration partner, this module is an automation must-have.

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How it works

The SwitchScripter is a separate application that provides an environment for developing JavaScripts and VBscripts for Switch. The Scripting module enables you to develop, execute and debug your own scripts via the SwitchScripter. SwitchScripter is an application that provides access to the complete Switch API and with it, you can implement additional functions that meet your specific needs or build your own scripts to interact with third-party applications. Your custom-developed scripts are used in Switch flows, using the Script flow element.

This module includes support for standard JavaScript classes, with additional classes for reading and writing files, reading and writing XML files, accessing databases, establishing SOAP/HTTP connections and many more. Additionally, you can develop your own remote webservices and talk to Switch to download files for processing and replacing the file in Switch with the processed file. One of the powerful features when writing script elements is the ability to define properties that use Switch variables. In your scripts, you can use the value of the variable without having to be concerned about how to get access to it. It also increases the flexibility of your scripts as they can easily be repurposed with different parameters.

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Switch is integrated with numerous third-party applications that are in widespread use across the printing, publishing and graphic industries.

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