WoodWing Software develops and markets a premier, cost-efficient multi-channel publishing system, Enterprise, and the next generation digital asset management system, Elvis DAM. WoodWing’s solutions are aimed at magazine and newspaper publishers, corporate publishers, agencies and marketing departments to reach their goals for quality, economy and time-to-market.

Solutions associées

Elvis DAM

Elvis is a solution for centralizing, finding and utilizing media content. It's built for Publishers, Broadcasters, Agencies and Corporates that have one thing on their mind: How can I store my media in one place, find it easily, and use it in the most flexible way I can through all my publishing channels? Elvis is designed to take in images, xml, video, articles and layouts, all in one system. It provides new storage, search and retrieval technology for the Publisher of tomorrow and is built on Industry standards like Flex and AIR.

WoodWing enterprise

Is your business in need of a flexible, scalable platform to deliver multimedia content to a variety of output channels – be it on a tablet, in print or online? 

Is improving security and accountability an issue you need to look into? Or do you want to raise your productivity without compromising quality? 

Whether your business is producing newspapers, magazines, books, annual reports or online content, WoodWing's Enterprise Publishing System has you covered.