Switch 12 update 3 release notes

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New features and functionality

Documentation feature

You can now easily generate an HTML page with all information about the flow:


  • Flow information (such as the name and the description, creation date)
  • flow image (as shown on the canvas)
  • properties of all elements in the flow


To generate flow documentation

  1. In the flows pane, select the flow for which you want to generate the documentation.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • In the toolbar at the top of the screen, click Document Flow
    • In the Flows pane, click  and select Documentation
    • In the Flows pane, right-click and select Documentation
    • From the menu, select Flow > Documentation

The flow documentation is generated and shown immediately in your default browser. It provides you with details of the flow itself.

Note that you can click the elements in the flow image, to see the corresponding properties. The arrow allows you to return to the top of the HTML page.

HTTP(S) request

This new communication tool allows users to upload and download files and folders to and from an HTTP server. HTTP request is a processor that for each incoming job executes an HTTP or HTTPS request.

Thus the incoming job is a request trigger and it can be used to define the request specification: URL, authentication data, request parameters, file to upload, etc. The protocol type (HTTP or HTTPS) is automatically detected from the URL: if the URL starts with “https://”, HTTPS is used, otherwise HTTP is used.

The server responds to the request by sending something back: an HTML source, JSON or XML data, or a file that is downloaded. The tool provides properties to manipulate this server response. The server response is always saved as a file and the tool can inject this file into the flow as a new job, attach it as metadata dataset to the incoming job or assemble it into a job folder together with the incoming job.


Support for the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol

From now on, you can connect Switch to the mail server using the TLS protocol. The Mail send preference "Server requires secure connection (SSL)" has been renamed to "Encrypt connection" and has three options:


  • No encryption
  • TLS
  • SSL



New property in Mail receive

The Mail receive tool has an extra property: "Convert to plain text". This option allows you to save the email message either as HTML or as text (before it was always saved as a text file).

Extra property “Width” for FTP send, Archive Hierarchy and output folders

This property allows you to specify the length of the version number of duplicate output files. For example, if you set Width to "5", the (incremental) version number will consist of 5 digits (e.g. Job_00001.pdf). Leading zeros are added as required. This can be handy when you want to sort the output files.

New authentication method for SFTP

A new authentication method for logging on to an (S)FTP server through FTP send and FTP receive has been implemented; you can now use either user name and password or a "public key".


Other changes

  • Two new variables are available for use in Switch (Job group)
    • Job.UserFullName
    • Job.UserEmail
  • The Hold Job properties "Unit" and "Delay" have in certain cases been renamed to "Retry After" and "Retry Unit", to avoid confusion.
  • The logging preferences have been improved, i.e. the option Log to text file is replaced with Log to CSV file. This means that, if this option is turned on, log messages are now stored in CSV files, instead of comma-separated text files; you can now also indicate which delimiter to use and where to store the files
  • ODBC connection: Added new preference 'Encode binary data' as a child for the property 'Binary data in opaque dataset”.
  • It is now possible, to use script expressions in Assemble Job -> Scheme = Custom -> Job identifier
  • FTP send tool allows to be used without a password


Support for new OS

  • Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) is now fully supported


Upgraded Configurators


  • Support Adobe CC 2014
  • 64-bit support for Adobe Illustrator
  • 64-bit support for Adobe InDesign
  • WoodWing 9.2
  • EFI Fiery 6
  • Callas pdfToolbox 7 Compare

The latest version of those configurators has been included in the Installer of Switch 12 update 3.


New Configurators

Global Vision

“With the BarProof configurator for Enfocus Switch, we are providing further automation capabilities to Enfocus Switch users to verify barcodes within PDF files and proofs as part of their prepress quality control while reducing overall inspection times.” Reuben Malz, President, Global Vision



We have fixed a lot of bugs in this update. See the full list below.



Bug 5310

FTP Send tool allow no password

Bug 25521

Unreachable folders do not generate an email alert with certain settings

Bug 25570

View of files in folder does not refresh

Bug 25979

Variables panel: panel too large when having a lot of condition

Bug 26209

The "Define text with variables" dialog may have extremely big width depending on sample value

Bug 26244

Traffic Light Connection properties are reset when reloading Script Package

Bug 27411

Email info map can't get most variables

Bug 28152

Include the merge module for Switch64bitHelper into Switch installer

Bug 28170

Job Dismantles doesn't remember spaces at the beginning of a filename when remembering hierarchy

Bug 28460

Rename job and assemble job are really slow when UserGlobalData.xml is large

Bug 28514

Variable sets with the same name 'xxx' are found

Bug 28509 / 31957

Switch can fail to get some Switch variables if SwitchClient is requesting lots of variables at the same time

Bug 29457

Receive Email issue

Bug 29526

Inject job tool will inject a job when you activate the flow after the time of day window set in the properties

Bug 29528

Cleanup Application Data will cleanup Job tickets from Jobs in the Problem Jobs folder if the timeout has passed

Bug 29620

Switch Server on Windows doesn't cleanup subfolders if they only contain hidden mac system files

Bug 29683

Cannot read metadata for this file

Bug 29736 / 30070

Sample value is sometimes not filled in

Bug 29884

The condition with variables panel doesn’t get a scroll bar when having lots of conditions

Bug 29885

Checkpoint backing folder path is empty; reactivate the flow

Bug 29924

Job.FailMessage variable is not filled in when the job is moved to the problem jobs because Switch terminated the script

Bug 30010

Finder info is lost when copying files into flow by drag-and-drop to Designer canvas

Bug 30031

The Connection variables are not filled in correctly

Bug 30038

The XMP location path automatically created by Switch is wrong in a specific situation

Bug 30039

Multiline text returned as single string in s.getPropertyValueList()

Bug 30070

Sample values for conditions and variables are not always available

Bug 30145

The hold job timer is reset when deactivating and reactivating a flow

Bug 30184

Switch caches the configurator property values when there is a 'load from library' functionality and this causes problems when choosing a value via variables or script expressions.

Bug 30309

Switch creates datasets with identical internal names in the Mail Receive when the application data cleanup happens.

Bug 30356

Jobs appearing and disappearing in SwitchClient

Bug 30368

Make the properties of the Release condition on the hold job a bit more clear

Bug 30438

Some users cannot connect to server: "Active directory bind error 10022: [10022] Invalid argument"

Bug 30440

The tool to create XML location paths doesn't show CDATA.

Bug 30525

Failed to uncompressing file or folder: library failed to process the file

Bug 30941

Not possible to choose to give in a regular expression in show if parent matches when the parent is a dropdown list

Bug 30968

Crash when catching GException

Bug 31013

Remote designer crashes when loading which flows should be selected

Bug 31017

Commands for copy and paste don't work in Search Window of Switch Client

Bug 31034

Connection.Email, Job.UserFullName and Job.UserEmail is empty when using an Active Directory user

Bug 31051

Scripting: e.copy() should return an error code or throw an exception

Bug 31065

Improve the update speed of the Jobs pane and the folder counters

Bug 31108

Switch can't create a folder structure of two levels via FTP send

Bug 31124

Ok button to send jobs is available when it shouldn't in a specific situation

Bug 31126

File count not being updated in folders

Bug 31195

The automatic exported XML reports in Switch 12 are 5 times bigger compared to Switch 11

Bug 31303

Switch is creating a lot of temp files and these temp files are causing Switch to crash

Bug 31361

Scripting: d.mkdirs() doesn't work on an UNC path

Bug 31376

Property for leading zero's when duplicate files arrive in an end folder

Bug 31378

Allow a job to be sent if a metadata field needs to have a certain data format and the field is not required

Bug 31447

UNPACK - metadata info gone when having "&" in value field

Bug 31474 / 6654

File type for folders is sometimes wrong in SwitchClient

How should a folder job be shown in SwitchClient

Bug 31566

Flow with traffic light hanging, not at the connection itself

Bug 31575 / 31755

Switch Designer crashes when choosing a folder with a Japanese name which is a subfolder of a folder with a Japanese name

Switch Designer crash when the jobs pane fetches the info from a path with ä in 2 different places

Bug 31625

SwitchProxy creates corrupted files when the file transfer is cancelled

Bug 31659

Switch 12 is not compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud 2014

Bug 31676

Crash reporter is started but not visible when running Switch as a Windows Service and the service crashes

Bug 31705

Copy recycle bin configurator keeps auto managed folder in the origin flow

Bug 31752

Out of range error triggered in Scripting API

Bug 31776

Child properties are not shown if parent is set via "Condition with variables" editor

Bug 31809

Local designer hangs when using Choose folder on Mavericks

Bug 31834

What is seen as an external process in Switch?

Bug 31844

Memory leak in Designer when a big folder is active in the jobs pane

Bug 31845

SwitchClient crash on network issue

Bug 31865

Load from library is not working in SwitchScripter

Bug 31867

Problems with mounted shares

Bug 31870

Switch Variable Stats.PageLabels has weird icons/font

Bug 31902

"Duplicates" should be a subproperty of "Strip unique name" in the Assemble job

Bug 32001

SwitchClient crashes on drawing jobs pixmaps

Bug 32068

Issue when importing a flow when the script is available on disk

Bug 32094

Switch Designer locks up when retrying problem jobs

Bug 32188

Numbers of files are different on Canvas and in Jobs pane

Bug 32244

Crash in Mail send tool

Bug 32259

Browse FTP is not working when you are using an FTP proxy