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Automation Starts with Your Customers: Online

Automation actually STARTS with your customers, at order submission - online.   We often focus within the print shop walls for automation - this makes sense, and definitely is a key place to focus.  This meeting will help expand your worldview to include your customers as part of your print workflow and automation.   Learn how PageDNA and other web to print platforms remove painful, manual touches for both your customers AND you in the print shop.  Explore the benefits of being a "secret shopper" for your print shop, and develop more empathy for the source of all of your orders - your customers.  After wall, without happy customers, we do not have a business or department to run!

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About Steve Enstad

Steve co-founded PageDNA in 1997 while studying Biochemistry at Stanford University, and has helped build PageDNA into a 25-year success story in Web to Print.  Drawing from extensive experiences supporting both Commercial Print and Internal Print Shop customers in production print, Steve is a return speaker for Enfocus.  Having won the “Best Speech” poll for the 2020 Enfocus Safari series, Steve aims to both educate and entertain you as he shares these distilled findings from over 50,000 hours of experience in the field.  When not helping enable successful eCommerce strategies, Steve plays guitar in numerous groups in the Dallas, Texas area, where he and his wife reside.