Martedì, Novembre 26, 2019

Switch 2019 Fall Released

Enfocus Switch 2019 Fall and PitStop 2019 update 1 Released

Users can update to Enfocus Switch 2019 Fall and PitStop 2019 update 1, starting today

Gent, Belgium [26 November 2019], Enfocus, the leader in PDF quality control, advanced PDF editing and workflow automation for the graphic arts industry announces the release of Switch 2019 Fall. This release includes some interesting features for users to take advantage. There are Switch Designer improvements and many added features to the Switch Web Portal. The Remote Process element and the API have been improved to make the integration and communication with Switch even more robust, positioning Enfocus Switch ahead of the market in helping users to build winning print services. PitStop Pro and PitStop Server 2019 update 1 will officially support Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina and contain a number of bug fixes. PitStop Server also receives stability improvements with this release.

Switch Designer and elements improvements

  • FTP Send and FTP Receive now support FTPS – added security compatibility with FTPS.
  • Visual indicator for connections put on hold – in the situation where a flow connector has been set to on hold, an icon indicates this in the flow list pane.
  • Flow Stage can be defined on Submitpoints, Checkpoints and Submit Hierarchy – this addition allows users to see these statuses on Switch Job Boards and Dashboards.

Web Portal additions and improvements

  • Members of the Administrator group in Switch now have access to administrator features in the Web Portal
  • System Info in the Admin tab allows the monitoring of Switch processes, including CPU and memory used by Switch
  • History and overview of logged-in users in recent sessions is now available
  • Newsfeed added for Switch Administrators stay informed of development and related news
  • Users can upload a custom logo for placement on the login page
  • Flows can be started and stopped without the need for remote Designer or login to the Switch Server
  • Access to Job Private Data and Job Metadata via Job Boards
  • Submitpoints are redesigned to allow list view, card view, alphabetical sorting and per-flow sorting – Submitpoints will show flow status and can be favorited.

Remote Process element additions

Additional API calls and a notification have been added. A jobAborted notification can now be sent by the Remote Process element. Get and set Private data functionality is enabled, and listing and downloading metadata is possible.

Dashboard improvements

  • Attach a table view to Counter widgets
  • Show server messages on a dashboard
  • Selecting columns and disabling headers is possible for all table widgets
  • History widgets now supports job boards with multiple columns
  • Exporting and importing of dashboards

Other features and bug fixes are delivered with the Switch 2019 Fall release. Check the release notes for a complete list. Also, visit What’s New in Switch.