New in Switch 2019 Spring

7 reasons to upgrade to Switch 2019 Spring

  1. Send only metadata from a Submit Point.
  2. Enhanced Submit Point URL functionality.
  3. Remotely process jobs from within a flow.
  4. Completely redesigned Messages UI.
  5. More powerful ways to search and filter Messages.
  6. More functions added to the Inject Job tool.
  7. Dashboard and Job Board improvements.



  • Completely redesigned
  • Contains new filters:
    • A slider for viewing a from-to timeline
    • Buttons to quickly filter on message type
    • Text search functionality



Submit points

  • Improved flexibility
  • Ability to submit metadata only without sending a file
  • Create a direct link URL to a submit point




Remote Process

  • Route Switch jobs out of the flow and process them remotely
  • Use third-party services
  • Bring back to the flow when processed




Inject job

  • Now has a failed connection option
  • Prevents jobs from going to Problem Jobs
  • Can be handled instead by other processes in a flow




Integrate with your systems and the latest OS versions

Switch 2018 is fully supported on the latest operating systems, including:

  • Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave) - except for dark mode
  • Windows Server 2019