New in Switch 2018

5 reasons why you need Switch 2018

  1. Visualize your production with the Switch Insight Dashboard
  2. Benefit from the latest technology to connect to modern external services
  3. Open and edit jobs in their native application from within your web browser
  4. Have up-to-date support for your Operating System
  5. Simplify how you handle and update data in your Switch flows


Switch Insight Dashboard

The Switch Insight Dashboard is a free online dashboard for maintenance users.

You can, for example, see:

  • How many jobs were processed
  • How many failed
  • What are the peaks in production
  • etc.



Job Finder boards

The new Job Finder feature is for everyone who needs to quickly find the status of a job, based on where the job is within a Switch flow.

In a first step to achieving production transparency, and as a driect result from users, this feature includes customizable boards.

It makes it easy to locate specific jobs in Switch flows, a task which would typically take a significant amount of time to complete.

VIDEO: see how it works






Connectivity with external services is now also possible through Webhooks. Aimed at script-writers, App creators and integrators, this essential new tool will transform the way Switch flows and scripts connect to external services.

Simply put, Webhooks allow external applications or services to send notifications to Switch. For example, a notification could contain the status of a job or trigger an update when a new order comes in via the MIS system.

VIDEO: see how it works



Private data

Private data is a powerful new feature for flow managers.

Previously only possible thourgh scripting, this new feature enables users to store, customize and manage specific data within Switch.

Switch 2018 makes private data much easier to handle and readily available to both technical and non-technical users.

VIDEO: see how it works





One-click actions

Building a flow is faster than ever in Switch 2018!

Some of the most frequently used actions can now be triggerd by just one click:

  • Find jobs in a checkpoint
  • Edit and update jobs in native application from a checkpoint
  • Select and process multiple jobs at once

VIDEO: see how it works



Integrate with your systems and the latest OS versions

Switch 2018 is fully supported on the latest operating systems, including:

  • Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave) - except for dark mode
  • Windows Server 2016