Switch 2022 Fall

Endless connectivity

New features and improvements:

  • Rush jobs
  • HTML description in submit points
  • UX improvements
  • Scripting enhancements


Rush jobs

What if an urgent job comes in and there are too many jobs waiting ahead of it in the queue to get it processed in time? Enter Rush Jobs. You now have the ability to bump jobs up the queue to get them to process faster.

HTML description in submit points

Use HTML in the submit point description on the Submit Point Cards. This allows you to add a high level of customization to Submit points.



New features and improvements

  • Extract and query XMP info from PDF files with XMP support in Node.js
  • Exchange jobs without requiring a direct connection with sendToChannel and subscribeToChannel in Node.js
  • Schedule a job to be processed at a later time using processLater in Node.js
  • Abort entry point so you can know in your script when to abort and handle this gracefully
  • For an in-depth description of the new features available in Switch 2022 Fall, refer to the documentation in the release notes.