Review: Online Proofing Done Right

Enfocus Review is a completely new online PDF proofing solution that’s about to transform your customer review cycles.

Review effortlessly centralizes all aspects of proofing and feedback while integrating beautifully with your Enfocus Switch production flows.

  • Effortless PDF review for print workflows
  • Incredibly easy setup and use
  • Affordable, flexible pricing to match your exact needs
  • No hosting costs


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Enfocus Review is one of the best investments we made in a long time. This enables ZeroPlus to keep up with today's demand.

Vernon Van Dyk, Prepress Manager, ZeroPlus

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100% guaranteed PDF viewing

Ever sent a PDF for review, only to find the customer viewed it all wrong? Viewer settings, overprint, color spaces, etc. –  they can all lead to an inaccurately rendered PDF.

With Enfocus Review, say goodbye to those worries! Unlike traditional proofing, where you’re left in the dark about how your reviewer will see the PDF, Enfocus Review illuminates the process. 

Breathe easy knowing every detail, every color, and every element is viewed precisely as it will appear in print, ushering in a new era of stress-free, precise, and reliable communication between you and your clients.

online PDF proofing software



In your branding

Why settle for generic tools when you can get personal?

Enfocus Review isn't just another online tool – it's YOUR tool.

Swap out logos, shift the color schemes, and transform the interface to reflect your brand’s unique identity.

Every review becomes a branded experience, making your review process not just seen but remembered. It’s not just about sending files; it’s about making an impression.




See all technical details... or not

Whether you’re dealing with a PDF guru who craves the nitty-gritty of ink coverage and separations, or your parents who just want a clear, clean view of the birthday message they're sending—Enfocus Review can adapt to every need.

The entire interface and tools are easily configurable to fit the expertise and expectations of each reviewer.

Offer a deep dive into technical details or keep it neat and simple. Every review journey is tailored to fit the reviewer, making feedback productive for everyone.




online PDF proofing software


You choose the approval options

Empowerment is the name of the game with Review.

Choose between 2, 5, or even 10 approval decisions and name them any way you please to make sure reviewers understand their options.

But that’s not all!

Every decision can trigger its own automated flow, thanks to the seamless integration with Switch. An approved file can zoom straight to imposition and production, illuminating your path to complete lights-out automation!




User management? You already need to manage enough!

Who has time to juggle accounts and passwords for every customer and every review cycle?

Enfocus Review sends an email with a magic link. One click, and voila, the print-accurate file opens in the browser, ready for review. No need for account creation or login!

When the approval decision is made, Review captures the reviewer’s name and automatically imports it into your workflow.

No fuss, no muss with user accounts – just smooth sailing from submission to sign off.




Supercharge Review: add the power of PitStop

Envision a world where the leading preflight tool, PitStop, can embed its preflight reports seamlessly into your review cycle!

Enfocus Review makes this unique addition to your review processes a reality.

Each report is intuitively displayed to the end user, making the review process not just about spotting errors but understanding them. It reduces the chances of errors being overlooked and ensures each review is fully informed.




The admin interface: see what's pending

Not a fan of guesswork in your review cycles? The Enfocus Review admin interface lays out all pending review cycles at a glance.

Every file, every reviewer, and every decision is tracked and traced, offering you a bird's eye view of the entire end-to-end process.

It’s not just about managing reviews; it’s about mastering them, ensuring no file—or customer—is left behind and every decision is timely.








The power of Enfocus cloud

Review is the first product built on the newly launched Enfocus cloud.

This new platform will allow you to communicate with your customers faster.

Forget the outdated, cumbersome review cycles of the past and step into a new era of easy-to-manage, automated proofing and approvals.

Enfocus Review is a groundbreaking solution that simplifies and enhances every stage of your proofing workflow from customer to press.

  • Effortless PDF review for print workflows
  • Incredibly easy setup and use
  • ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified
  • Value-based and affordable pricing
  • Flexible and scalable to match your exact needs
  • No hosting costs

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