PitStop Library SDK

The power of PitStop, under the hood of your solution


What is PitStop Library?

PitStop Library is the core technology of our flagship products, PitStop Pro and PitStop Server. The PitStop Library is an SDK (Software Development Kit) containing a collection of shared libraries and accompanying header files, documentation and samples. The SDK enables simplified integration within owner-developed prepress and digital print workflow solutions, web-to-print solutions, MIS solutions and many others.


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Who should use PitStop Library?

The PitStop Library SDK is made available to OEM Technology Partners who wish to make automated PDF Preflight and Correction functionally available to their own customers and within their own developed solutions. 


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Why use PitStop Library?

  • The PitStop technology is the industry standard for PDF Preflight and correction
  • Comes with an extensive and ever-growing feature set
  • Extremely well documented: over 1000 pages of documentation, and a huge set of code samples to get you started
  • Available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux
  • Leverage the Enfocus PitStop brand to add value to your marketed solution