PitStop Library Container

Speed is the name of the game in web-to-print, but all too often, it's a game slowed down by outdated processes and the need for manual file checks. 

Non-embedded fonts? Low-res images? RGB instead of CMYK? No bleed? Transparency? Overprint?  Discovering these usual suspects late in the PDF production process hits where it hurts most: your pocket, your deadlines, and your customers' trust.

The PitStop Library Container, ideal for businesses urgently needing fast, automated PDF preflighting from external sources, integrates effortlessly into existing tech stacks, offering immediate feedback and ensuring flawless, press-ready files every time.


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The PitStop Library Container in a Nutshell

  • PitStop Library is the core technology of our flagship products, PitStop Pro and PitStop Server
  • Enables you to integrate PitStop technology into your web portal, cloud solution, or anywhere else
  • Accessible through a REST API
  • Integrate into your solution using any programming language
  • Can be hosted in the cloud and on-premise
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux


The PitStop Library Container: Instant Preflight, Impeccable Results

By leveraging the power of Docker container technology and REST API integrations, the PitStop Library Container makes it easy to incorporate PitStop's automated preflight capabilities in any workflow. It is engineered to intercept and resolve common PDF issues upstream, ensuring that files are ready for press without the need for manual intervention.

This containerized (Docker) approach simplifies the integration with your existing systems, whether you are looking to enhance a single application or an entire workflow stack, and will future-proof your investment.

The PitStop Library Container also provides the ability to quickly spin capacity up or down based on demand, delivering a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution that is perfectly aligned with the dynamic nature of today's print production environments.




Who is the PitStop Library Container for?

Online Printers - wanting to focus on growing their portal, and not the complex bridge towards production


Brand Consultancies - offering portals for their customers to supply brand files


Software Developers/Firms - looking to create solutions for processing PDF files online



"Before we integrated the PitStop Library Container, when a customer sent a file we had to wait for an operator to review the file before we could get back to them. When you guarantee 48h delivery, any time lost dramatically affects your SLA. And when you detect an error, customers don't understand why you took several hours to ask them for a corrected file. Today, with the PitStop Library Container, the customer is made aware of issues right away, any time of the day, even if the office is closed. This is a game changer for us."

Steven Nuyt, head of product management at enfocus


Benefits: Why the PitStop Library Container is a Game-Changer

Instant Preflight Magic

Whenever customers supply files, the PitStop Library Container can check for errors right away. It's like having a 24/7 quality control team, ensuring every file is high-quality in a flash. Take advantage of its diverse reporting capabilities (PDF, XML, and JSON) to get quickly the information you want to display to your customers.


Efficiency, Supercharged

The PitStop Library Container flexes with your needs, allowing you to quickly ramp up or dial down container capacity. Peaks in demand? No problem, just increase your number of workers, add instances or use Queuing solutions like Amazon SQS for an optimal load-balancing mechanism.


Smart Cost & Growth Control

Choose the license that fits your specific production or business needs, and start working with the PitStop Library Container. Production increases and you need to scale up? That’s fine – no hidden costs to fear. Exceeding your production capacity? No worries – the PitStop Library Container keeps working just fine, you simply jump up to a higher plan.


Universal Fit, Zero Hassle

Whether you're team Windows, Mac, or Linux, the PitStop Library Container slots right into your world. No more wrestling with compatibility issues or shelling out for extra hardware. This is cross-platform harmony as it should be, streamlining your workflow irrespective of your operating system.


Development Made Easy

Cut down on R&D headaches and fast-track your path to market. The PitStop Library Container isn’t just powerful; it's also backed by comprehensive documentation and support. Think of it as your silent partner in development, taking the heavy lifting off your shoulders.



Put simply, the PitStop Library Container is your all-in-one solution for a smoother, smarter, and more cost-effective PDF workflow. Beyond preflight, it will help elevate your entire print production business.



Why use the PitStop Library Container?

  • PitStop technology is the industry standard for PDF preflight and correction
  • Comes with an extensive and ever-growing feature set
  • Comes with rich documentation plus a live Swagger page and a POSTMAN collection
  • Available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux
  • Leverage the Enfocus PitStop brand to add value to solutions you bring to market


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