Toon Van Rossum

Switch Automation

Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum has been working at Enfocus for 9 years, in several roles (customer service, QA and software development) after obtaining his bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts.

Using his deep knowledge and passion for Switch and technology in general, Toon is in charge of strengthening the Switch product and architecture, ensuring it keeps up with the ever-changing market requirements.

Articles de blog par Toon Van Rossum

23 oct 2020

Business success through MIS integration

Winning print services with MIS

MIS for everyone

31 juil 2020

The Workflow Automation Freedom Movement

Technology should follow process

From the very beginning, the Enfocus fundamental belief has been that technology should follow process and not the other way around. With this philosophy as a guide, Enfocus develops software that enables its customers to integrate their islands of technology. Tighter integration adds up to efficiency. The Enfocus team partners with software OEMs, integrators and vendors to help businesses work smarter.

9 déc 2019

What Type of File is XML?

Smart jobs and digital job tickets

7 juin 2019 traite une commande toutes les 45 secondes avec Switch, France, services spécialisés pour les agences de communication, graphistes et imprimeurs. Ils ont décidé de remplacer leur propre flux de travail par Enfocus Switch.

6 juin 2019

Switch World Tour: London

The Enfocus Switch World Tour made its most recent stop in London. These community events give users and product managers a chance to have direct communication.

13 mar 2019

Switch World Tour is back for 2019

Bas Schuring, Production Manager, Cubord Signmakers is the winner of this year’s first Switch Smart Solution Battle!

22 fév 2019

Switch Pre-release Community Program

Enfocus has been doing some serious forward thinking. How about we let some end users volunteer to run a pre-release version of Switch through its paces? This is like track day for software. Let's run Switch around the real world track to get the kinks out and make use of valuable end-user input before the final version release.

27 déc 2018

Skabertrang | Silkeborg Bogtryk n’a pas simplement opté pour l’acquisition d’une solution de communication d’Enfocus. L’entreprise a fait le choix de saisir de nouvelles opportunités commerciales.

27 déc 2018

Impression Directe automatise ses ux et augmente sa productivité grâce à la solution HP Indigo EPM Pre ight d’Enfocus

« Nous pouvons traiter beaucoup plus de fichiers en même temps. Nous possédons désormais une analyse claire et détaillée en cas d’erreurs (RVB au lieu de la quadri), des reports, etc… Grâce à Switch, tous les contrôles manuels sont repris et le système envoie un rapport détaillé avant de pouvoir envoyer les travaux à l’impression. 90 % de nos dossiers sont désormais traités par Switch, »

Alain Meunier, responsable flux de production numérique chez Impression Directe


27 déc 2018

Taking control of the prepress process

“Enfocus Switch has allowed us to create flow processes which automatically guarantee a certain level of consistency and precision whilst being sufficiently flexible to adapt to our company’s new operational needs, as and when they develop. It has enabled us to automate the organisational side of our processes in a secure manner, guaranteeing the level of quality and control. This resulted into a considerable amount of time that got freed up, which in turn translated into an increase in productivity.”

Thomas Marchal – Manufacturing Department