New in Switch 2019 Fall



Upgrade to Switch 2019 Fall

  • Valuable enhancements to Web Portal
  • Start and stop flows from the Web Portal
  • Submitpoint and checkpoint metrics on dashboards
  • Remote process element API additions
  • Redesigned Submitpoints.
  • Dashboard and Job Board improvements



Web Portal

  • System info in the Admin tab
  • Switch newsfeed for admins
  • Access Job data via Job Boards
  • Logged-in users history
  • Upload a custom login logo

Submit points

  • List view, card view and sorting
  • Flow status displayed
  • Organize using favorites




  • Visual indicator for on-hold connections
  • Add Submitpoints, Checkpoints, Submit Hierarchy to Job Boards


  • FTPS support for send and receive
  • Send aborted job notification
  • Get and set job Private Data



Integrate with your systems and the latest OS versions

Switch 2019 Fall is fully supported on the latest operating systems, including:

  • Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina) - except for dark mode
  • Windows Server 2019