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About Jet Press and XMF

Jet Press is a B2 size sheet-fed inkjet press that combines outstanding print quality and high productivity with Fujifilm. In particular, the latest Jet Press 750S High Speed Model has evolved from the conventional 3,600 sheets / hour to 5,400 sheets / hour, achieving the highest productivity as a digital inkjet printing machine.


As the digital front end (DFE) of this Jet Press, Fujifilm has prepared the XMF workflow system (XMF) with advanced imposition function and color management function.

We believe that automating the order-to-print process and reducing manual operations is an important factor to maximizing the extremely high printing speed of Jet Press. We decided to provide an application that links Enfocus Switch and Jet Press, which has a great track record in the automation of the printing industry.


About Fujifilm Jet Press Connector App

The Fujifilm Jet Press Application that will operate through Enfocus Switch can combine Jet Press printed PDF data and job information (customer ID, media profile, print count, etc. ) into a JDF that automatically be sent to XMF.  From there the automated Jet Press created job can complete RIP processing and transfer the data to the Jet Press device to maintain an automated flow process. 


It uses Enfocus Switch’s advanced robotic process automation features as well as the third-party software that works with it to create imposition, color management, and print data based on information from upstream systems such as MIS and Web2Print. This means that it is possible to build an integrated automation environment for each process.

And this version supports Jet Press 750S High Speed Model, Jet Press 750S, and Jet Press 720F.


The main advantages of using the Fujifilm Jet Press Connector are: 

  • Fully automate print data generation with cooperating integrated third-party MIS and imposition software.
  • Significant improvement in productivity from ordering to printing
  • Reduction of running cost by reducing operator work time
  • Prevention of mistakes by operators


To learn more about Jet Press and the XMF workflow system, visit the Fujifilm homepage . Be sure to select your region/country when visiting the page to get the best support and dealer contact information for your area.


Note: In order to link this App with XMF, the XMF version described in “Compatibility” is required. If your XMF is an earlier version, please contact your dealer.  

Note: This app can only work with “XMF for Jet Press” for output purposes. The app cannot be used for CTP output purposes.


Release Notes

・Version 3  -  3 Feb 2023

​     - Improved data size limit for job registration to XMF via URL on Windows

     - Special Baseline support





Switch Version Required:2020 Fall or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac
3rd Party Compatibility:XMF Workflow System V6.12 or later.  V6.14 or later recommended

App creator

FUJIFILM Corporation
Online support

App creator

FUJIFILM Corporation
Online support