Connect ALL: Quality Control throughout the entire process

Enfocus Connect creates custom applications and print drivers where you control the settings for:

  • Job specifications
  • PDF creation
  • Preflight
  • File delivery to just about anywhere
  • Based on PitStop technology

Connect moves the function of PDF preflight upstream. Anyone submitting jobs has their files inspected according to specifications set by the service team receiving them. File creators and production teams are assured there will be no surprises during preflight.

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Connect ALL advantages

Distribute an unlimited number of Connectors to designers, clients and prepress


  • Create certified PDFs
  • Check your PDF for printability to avoid time-consuming corrections
  • Automate file delivery to any remote server — including Dropbox
  • Use with applications tailored for the graphic arts

Sales and customer service

  • Quickly check files against job tickets without involving prepress
  • Easy to use for non-prepress personnel
  • Respond quicker to customers with file errors


  • Quickly check PDF files without launching Acrobat
  • Submit jobs directly to Switch automation workflows
  • Use Connect Job tickets to drive automation
  • Automate common PDF fixes

Automatically check and fix errors in PDF files for print

Connect gets installed with a preconfigured set of applications that can be leveraged with little to no modifications to check and repair PDF files.


Low resolution images


RGB objects


Missing bleed


Font issues



White elements


Ink coverage


Rich black


Spot colors