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About PRISMAsync 

PRISMAsync is Canon’s own developed print server that processes jobs, and monitors and controls printer functions from the heart of the engine. This enables PRISMAsync to sense and process the real-time information needed to predict and control how the printer handles jobs, including job submission, profiling and colour management. PRISMAsync facilitates print scheduling, monitoring and management tools that offer PSPs accurate job planning in a simple, unified workflow.

About the PRISMAsync app bundle

The PRISMAsync app bundle will allow users of Enfocus Switch to take full advantage of the power of PRISMAsync. All apps can create dynamic decisions and/or settings based on JMF responses from the connected Canon device.

The PRISMAsync app bundle consists of the following three apps:

  • PRISMAsync submit app
    JDF creation and submission via JMF to PRISMAsync devices. Standalone JDF creation for further workflow processing for PRISMAsync devices is included.
  • PRISMAsync status app
    Check the status of already submitted print jobs or the device status by JMF communication.
  • PRISMAsync resources app
    Retrieve device capabilities to let Enfocus Switch users pre-select a list of settings to be used for creating automated print jobs. An example is the retrieval of the device media catalog.


To learn more about the PRISMA Workflow Applications visit the following Canon Production Printing web page.

Note: The PRISMAsync app bundle is supported for PRISMAsync mark level 8.1 and higher


5 reviews
Jaap O. (Netherlands) installed this app.
Reviewed on 2 Aug 2023.

Lots of settings. Once set up it works well. Also received good help from Canon's cts professional services team.

WorkflowAdmin L. (Denmark) installed this app.
Reviewed on 5 Oct 2022.

Easy to use and well documented - 5/5

Arjen V. (Netherlands) installed this app.
Reviewed on 14 Jun 2022.

Fantastic App. Simple way to give our jobs the correct printer settings for our Canon VarioPRINT iX series. In a few easy steps you already have the App set up correctly.

Jeroen V. (Netherlands) installed this app.
Reviewed on 13 Jun 2022.

Great tool to control the Prismasync by our Switch setup and MIS. Easy, and all the productiondata we need perfectly back in our MIS/ERP.

John T. (Netherlands) installed this app.
Reviewed on 28 Mar 2022.

It is very nice that we have this opportunity to drive our PRISMAsync devices from Enfocus Switch in controlled way.

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App creator

Canon Production Printing
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