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CSV Creator allows you to easily create CSV file.

You can either :

  • Create a new file within your Switch workflow;
  • Write to a new or existing CSV file.

In this last case (writing to an existing file), the app will even add your value to the good column (selected by it's name), no need to keep track of the column order! 

New column not in the already existing file? The new one will be added at the end.

Example use cases

These are some of the use cases we've created this app for:

  • Keeping track of click number and color mode for numeric press;

  • Creating import CSV file for a third-party application (variable data, imposition, ganging...);

  • Increment a TimeLog with alll the work done in prepress;
  • Create log export;
  • Log data in CSV for stat.
Switch Version Required: 2021 Fall or higher
Platform: Windows, Mac
Corey N. (Canada)
Reviewed on 4 Nov 2021.

We were looking for a solution that would improve our shipping workflow. We were uploading data into our shipping software a single record at a time and it was a strain on resources. Our simple solution was to compile shipping data into a single, uploadable file at the end/beginning of each day.
CSVCreator was able to take the XML order data and create a single csv file and continue to append to it throughout the day. We then have another switch workflow activate for a single minute in the morning which emails the data to our production supervisor who then uploads the data for the day.
My only complaint (which I have not looked into too much) is that we typically have a small amount of line entries that don't work. This is due to the incoming data having special characters in their address (such as commas) that push data to the next column. I can't really fault the app for this as a CSV is meant to do this but it is still an issue for our production team.
The CSVCreator app has saved us hours of work a day and I'm sure we will find more ways to use it in the future.

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