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Connect DeepL in any of your flows. Design, build, and automate anything for your work by integrating DeepL.

The DeepL App provides access to DeepL’s machine translation technology, making it possible to bring high quality translation capabilities directly to your Flows. More information can be found here.

You are able to translate files, specific lines of text and even multiple paragraphs.

When translating a document the following file formats are currently supported:

  • docx - Microsoft Word Document
  • pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint Document
  • pdf - Portable Document Format
  • htm / html - HTML Document
  • txt - Plain Text Document
  • xlf / xliff - XLIFF Document, version 2.1

Please note that with every submitted document of type .pptx, .docx, or .pdf, you are billed a minimum of 50,000 characters with the DeepL API plan, no matter how many characters are included in the document.

When translating files you have the choice to replace the original file with the translated version, to output the original one to the log connection or to embedd the file as a opaque dataset that can be exported afterwards using the "Eport Metadata" default app.

When translating text the result will be available as a new JSON metadata dataset.

Depending on the volume you like to translate on a monthly basis, DeepL offers various subsciption plans.

Starting with a Free subscription plan that allows you to translate 500,000 characters per month to specific subsciption plans for large-scale projects. More information on DeepL subscription plans can be found here.


Switch Version Required:2022 Fall or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac
3rd Party Compatibility:Compatible with the DeepL API version 2

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App creator

Online support