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DesignMerge® Pro for Enfocus Switch

Fully automated variable data workflows are here!

The DesignMerge Pro integration with Enfocus Switch provides the ability to design and implement powerful and fully automated VDP workflows capable of processing and routing thousands of records of variable data, all with complete error checking and virtually no user intervention.

Each workflow is custom-designed by the user, and can accommodate all aspects of a variable data job, including packaging, preflighting, imposition, and of course final VDP output that can be sent directly to a digital press queue, or routed to a hot folder for additional processing.

At every stop along the way, the system can be configured to check for errors, and immediately alert the user to any potential problems.

How it Works

The system is designed to process Adobe InDesign documents that have been prepared using DesignMerge Pro software ( All of the features of DesignMerge Pro are fully supported, and there are no restrictions on the number of templates that can be processed.

In a typical scenario, documents are first prepared using DesignMerge Pro and Adobe InDesign for the desktop. Variable items are assigned within the document content, and the user can preview and preflight the document to prepare it for processing with Switch.

Once prepared, the document, data file, and associated assets (data file, static and variable graphics, etc.) are collected using our exclusive VDP Packager™ feature, and submitted as Input to a Switch Flow.  A Switch Flow that utilizes the DesignMerge Pro integration can be designed to preflight the files, and to merge data to produce PDF, PDF/VT or PPML output. The resulting output files can then be further routed to other Flow elements, such as a press hot folder for printing, or to another flow element for additional PDF processing, such as imposition (also included with DesignMerge Pro software)!

Supported Actions

Each instance of a DesignMerge Pro Flow Element can be configured to perform a specific Action. Following is a brief summary of all supported Actions.

VDP Preflight Action
Checks for common VDP errors, such as missing fixed or variable graphics, missing fonts and invalid data layouts. If the job fails the preflight, the user has the option to archive the entire Job Folder, and can also send a notification via email.

Multi-up Imposition Action
Automatically builds a multi-up version of the one-up VDP document being processed using a set of user-defined imposition templates. Imposition templates can be created in advance using the built-in DesignMerge multi-up imposition features.

VDP Print Action
Merges and prints the document in PDF, PDF/VT, or PPML output formats, and routes the output files to a printer hot folder, or directly to any digital press or print queue. For larger jobs, the DesignMerge Pro Job Splitter feature is fully supported.

Job Packaging Action (VDP Packager™)
This action will pull together a set of assets (data file from one location; InDesign document from another; graphic files from the server, etc.) into a single Job Folder that then contains all of the assets for the variable data job. The entire Job Folder can then be further processed by the Switch flow elements. Job Packages can also be created automatically from any version of DesignMerge Pro using the built-in VDP Packager™ feature.

PDF Imposition Action
If you prefer to impose your 1-up output as a post-process, the DesignMerge PDF Imposer app is fully supported. In this scenario, 1-up PDF job output can be imposed quickly using a set of pre-defined PDF imposition templates. The user can design templates to accommodate almost any VDP imposition, including specialty sorting modes such as Cut & Stack and Label Sort, as well as complicated multi-up layouts such as Dutch Cut.

Custom Script Action
For workflows that require customization, the DesignMerge Pro app supports the execution of custom JavaScript code. Custom scripts are valuable for pre-processing and/or sorting input data, or for initial document preparation.

Standard Features

Following is a list of just some of the powerful features available with DesignMerge Pro and Enfocus Switch

  • Works directly with Adobe InDesign desktop or server for both Mac and Windows
  • Create completely customized and totally automated variable data workflows
  • Supported input includes Job Folders, delimited data (CSV), JSON job tickets, or XML (with Metadata Module)
  • VDP processes can be routed to different branches of the workflow based on pass/fail/warning conditions
  • Jobs can be submitted directly to Switch workflows using the exclusive DesignMerge VDP Packager feature (great for offloading large jobs)
  • Full VDP preflighting feature can be used to check for problems before processing begins
  • DesignMerge Pro imposition templates can be utilized to automate multi-up jobs
  • Automated variable data output includes PDF/VT and PPML, and can be sent directly to any press
  • Every flow property is well-documented and includes a set of sample flows, sample jobs, and online training videos
  • Comprehensive Scripting API provides the ability to customize any DesignMerge Pro process (custom Rule Actions, data pre-processing, etc.)
  • Support, Integration and Custom Development services available

Example Applications

Automated Personalized Printing

Completely automate any variable data job produced with DesignMerge Pro software, including direct mail, numbering, bar coding, business cards, tickets, tags, labels and many more. Route VDP output files directly to any digital press or hot folder.

Automated Label Production

For label automation, use the exclusive DesignMerge Pro sequencing features to create personalized labels, fully imposed and ready for printing on either roll-fed label presses, or sheet-fed digital printers. All of the DesignMerge Pro features are supported, including bar coding and consecutive numbering.

Web2Print Automation

For Web2Print or other automated systems, use the built-in job ticket support of the DesignMerge Pro configurator to programmatically submit jobs for processing. Once a user has filled in the variable data specs on your web site, download the assets and submit a job ticket to the Switch system for processing. Every aspect of the flow process can be defined in a single job ticket file that drives the entire process.

Direct Mail Automation

For direct mail applications, utilize third-party Enfocus Switch configurators for mail sorting and validation. Pre-sorted lists can then be passed directly to DesignMerge Pro software in the same flow to provide automated VDP output capabilities.

Find Out More

To find out more about DesignMerge Pro software, please visit the DesignMerge page on the Meadows Publishing Solutons web site at!

Switch Version Required:2023 Fall or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac

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App creator

Meadows Publishing Solutions
+1 847-882-8202
Online support