Phoenix2Switch: intelligent planning, imposing results

Phoenix2Switch stands at the crossroads of Switch's automation finesse and Phoenix's AI-powered planning and imposition genius. It brings unparalleled efficiency, savings, and speed to every type of print business.

If you want superior imposition while slashing time and costs through world-leading job planning, Phoenix2Switch is ready to become your indispensable ally.

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Why Phoenix2Switch?


Plug and play with Switch then effortlessly automate your planning and imposition tasks across workflows, devices and locations.



Couple Switch automation with AI-driven imposition to get the most efficient impositions from your workflows at incredible speed.


Link your workflow platforms and devices with Switch, then let Phoenix calculate the most cost-effective plans for every job in seconds.



Keep it simple

Instant setup, infinite possibilities

Getting up and running with manual impositions and planning has always been a grueling task. Integrating them in your shop workflows has been even harder. Until now.

  • Incredibly easy install and set up
  • AI handles the details of complex imposition and planning instantly
  • Switch drag-and-drop interface makes deep integrations simple
  • Automatically integrate optimal planning from millions of options



Better than both worlds

Intelligence and automation combined

AI-driven imposition and planning powers are a huge leap forward. But Phoenix2Switch also brings Switch’s world-leading automation to your printshop’s planning mix.

  • Dynamic cost calculation based on device or custom information
  • Automate production schedules and material usage
  • Full support for Switch variables and scripts
  • Access Phoenix libraries and presets from within Switch flows






Ready to React

Instant, Informed Job Quotes

Phoenix2Switch makes it easy to respond to customer job queries with accurate, timely quotes. It delivers detailed reports containing device-specific material costs, printing options, delivery times, and more.

  • Easy-to-understand job estimate reports
  • Makes the work of CSR and (pre-)press teams easier
  • Ensures your estimates are pinpoint accurate
  • Automate the whole process with Switch’s mind-blowing ability to link up people, data, and systems.





"Phoenix’s imposition AI differs from the norm of imposition solutions. Instead of being template-dependent, it works in line with machine and production necessities, creating print-ready, cost-effective layouts instantaneously for any device."

Steven Nuyt, Head of Product, Enfocus




Impose à la mode

Easily work from powerful plan and imposition paths

Gain full control over all product properties, plan settings, and export actions through Switch properties.

  • Use CSV data sources to automatically drive job options 
  • No need to create and manage templates manually
  • Control all properties easily through Switch
  • Check everything automatically before the press






Format freedom

Export for every press specification

Phoenix2Switch can export over 13 file formats, including imposed artwork, die cuts, and detailed job time and cost reports. 

  • Can intelligently drive any press and finishing devices
  • Export imposed PDF and JDF
  • Export die cutting data as CFF2, DXF, PDF, and ZCC
  • Detailed text-based reports in PDF, XML and JSON





"Phoenix factors in parameters, such as job specifications, print devices, finishing requirements, and delivery considerations – all of which can be managed and automated with Enfocus Switch – to search across potentially millions of possibilities for the optimal layout."

Steven Nuyt, Head of Product, Enfocus



From books to boxes

Any output, for any context

Whether you’re a “broad church” printer or a shop specialized in one domain, the use cases for Phoenix2Switch are endless.

  • Commercial Print, and Wide Format
  • Boxes, Folding Cartons, and Displays
  • Books, Postcards, Tags & Labels
  • Digital, Conventional, Cut-sheet, and Rolls



"When a final option has been selected, Phoenix generates print-ready layouts and JDF or die instructions, and reports. Switch doesn’t just set parameters for the production of these jobs; it also picks them up to automate their delivery with ticket information to all devices in the production chain."

Steven Nuyt, Head of Product, Enfocus


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Synergy squared

Infinite integration scenarios

Phoenix2Switch can be integrated into your chosen workflow or MIS system to enable fast accurate estimates, shrink prepress time, automate error-prone tasks, maximize media usage, and reduce postpress complexity.


Quickly integrate Phoenix2Switch with your existing business systems, websites, DFEs, and workflow tools. Benefit from the world-leading open integration tools of Enfocus Switch.


Wide format

Plan and impose on any sheet size or substrate

  • Gang jobs by substrate, priority, and more
  • Generate optimal sheet layouts based on cost
  • Data-driven marks for automated imposition

  • Quickly estimate jobs with different sheet sizes and presses


Automated Nesting

Press-ready Layouts for Bound, Flat, & Step-and-Repeat Work

  • Automatic planning based on materials, presses, and finishing
  • Gang jobs to beat your estimates and increase margins
  • Mix folded and flat work for optimal sheet utilization

  • One imposition tool for all of your print jobs

Universal Device Support

Intelligent Carton & Cut Lines

  • Integrate with cutting devices
  • Easy-to-use production marks
  • Press-specific costing, run times and material usage
  • Auto-populate die cavities based on quantities

  • Identify and resolve bleed overlaps automatically