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The Enfocus Review App is part of Enfocus Review, an Enfocus Cloud-hosted SaaS solution that simplifies PDF review cycles.

To access Enfocus Review, you'll need a cloud account. You can easily create one by activating a trial with the button "Create your trial account" or reaching out to your local reseller for assistance.

Automated PDF Proofing Done Right

Review effortlessly centralizes all aspects of proofing and feedback online while integrating beautifully with your Enfocus Switch production flows.

Review renders PDFs in a browser exactly as they will be printed. For users it’s instant, and doesn’t require a login or special software. You can customize Review to match your brand look, and hook everything flawlessly into your existing Switch production flows!

  • Effortless installation and setup
  • Centralized review cycles in the cloud
  • 100% accurate browser-based reviewing
  • Incredibly fast load times even for big files
  • Zero user management required

  • No hosting or maintenance costs
  • Configurable review and approval options 
  • Integrates directly with Switch production flows

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Switch Version Required:2023 Fall or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac
3rd Party Compatibility:enfocus.cloud release 2415

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App creator

Online support