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tilia Griffin is a powerful, award winning powerful automatic layout and tiling solution solution for wide format printers. Its primary goals are to increase efficiency and reduce errors by automating repetitive tasks and bring down material waste with sophisticated nesting algorithms. A key advantage of Griffin is its vendor neutrality. It is designed to work seamlessly with virtually all printing machines and cutting tables.

Note: The tilia Griffin app for Enfocus Switch requires a valid license and installation of tilia Griffin Auto.  Contact Tilia Labs or our partner network to obtain your trial or production license of tilia Griffin Auto.

Highlights include:

  • Reduce material costs using advanced true shape nesting
  • Create efficient guillotine cut layouts
  • Tile your artwork dynamically with options controlling tile order, overlaps, gaps, glue areas, and more
  • Perform mirroring and scaling on your artwork
  • Create double sided layouts automatically with either turn and tumble work style
  • Auto-generate tight cut lines around your artwork content using the powerful image tracing feature
  • Automatically pull in the true artwork shapes and all tool paths from spot colors and PDF layers
  • Reduce RIP time with optimized imposed PDFs
  • Create cutting output for virtually any cutting device
  • Work with both rolls and fixed size boards
  • Generate Dynamic barcodestext marks
  • Add Camera marks with options supporting all major cutting table vendors
  • Apply grommet marks to artwork and border marks around layout edges

The tilia Griffin desktop application was first introduced in May 2017 for both Mac and Windows. The overarching design goal in Griffin is to provide a fast, modern application that can solve difficult, time consuming tasks while being easy to understand and use. In April 2019, an automated version of Griffin called tilia Griffin Auto was released, offering the same feature set as the desktop edition via a RESTful web service with an extensive, intuitive API.

The tilia Griffin app for Enfocus Switch provides the entire feature set of Griffin within Switch flows. The app is designed to be highly dynamic, with virtually all the 300+ properties controllable via variables and script expressions. This dynamism allows you to tackle a wide range of tasks while simplifying your flows and reducing processing time. Under the hood, the Switch app connects to tilia Griffin Auto which performs all tasks and returns results back to the app for further processing within Switch.

Detailed documentation for the tilia Griffin app V2 can be found on Tilia Docs:


Switch Version Required: 2017 update 1 or higher
Platform: Windows, Mac
3rd Party Compatibility: tilia Griffin Auto 2.2 or higher is required to use the tilia Griffin app for Enfocus Switch. tilia Griffin Auto must be installed on the same computer running Switch and users must enter a valid tilia Griffin Auto license key provided by Tilia Labs as a property in their tilia Griffin app flow instances.

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App creator

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