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Dropbox Upload:
Upload any file or folder to your Dropbox account. Select any existing folder, or create a custom folder name, to upload files and/or folders to.

Dropbox Upload creates a reusable dataset or private data keys on the fly for use in your Switch workflow. The dataset will be saved as an XML file via a Log connection. In addition, Dropbox Upload can optionally create a shared download link, which will be added to the dataset and XML file.

Dropbox Download:
Download any file or folder from Dropbox into your Switch workflow. With the use of the XML file provided by Dropbox Upload, dataset or private data keys, downloading files back into your Switch workflow is very easy.

From Switch 2020 Spring there's no need for the Switch Metadata Module. The XML file and private data keys can be used without it.

Dropbox upload request: (From version 4)

Use Dropbox as your business upload portal, providing your customers a simple and easy way to upload their files. Simply create a file request, email the link to your customer and let them upload their files using only their browser. You can also set a deadline on the upload request. 

## Changelog

# Version 4

• Changed: App logo
• Added: Dropbox upload request app

# Version 3

• Added: OAuth2 short lived tokens for authentication, as suggested by Dropbox

• Added: Token validation in properties pane.

• Removed: Long-lived access tokens for authentication, as suggested by Dropbox.

• Fixed: Private data key for downloading not working correctly.
• Fixed: Creating shared link did not always create a shared link correctly.

# Version 2

GS Dropbox Upload

• Possibility to upload folders (not zipped)
• No upload filesize limit
• Set private data keys (no need for Switch Metatadata module)
• Show upload progress in Messages center

GS Dropbox Download

• Possibility to download folders
• Use the XML file or private data keys provided by GS Dropbox Upload (no need for Switch Metatadata module)
• Removal of folders after download

Switch Version Required:2021 Fall or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac

4 reviews
Paul B. (United Kingdom)
Reviewed on 25 Feb 2022.

Uploader does what its supposed to and does it very well. Great for sending PDF files to customers. Haven't tried the downloader.

Norbert K. (Germany)
Reviewed on 22 Mar 2021.

it does as described

Matthias F. (Germany)
Reviewed on 21 Oct 2019.

liked the app very much, but at this moment not intresting for us to use.

spoke with the developer already about the desired features we's like to see:

we'd like to have the generated access link to be starting donwload automatically for better integration wit other custoemrs workflows

and we'd like to have the opportunity to uplaod files greater 150MB (which is currently a limit in the tested version)

Malcolm M. (United Kingdom)
Reviewed on 5 Feb 2019.

Very nice and simple way to get files into DropBox and automate the email to the correct client.

App creator

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Online support

App creator

+31 (0)546 85 02 31
Online support