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Automated online proofing

  • No more struggling with emailing PDFs
    The PDF file is uploaded to a web server and a link is sent to your customer. Saving low-resolution versions for email is eliminated.
  • Accurate PDF viewing
    No need to worry about overprint settings or variations in user's PDF viewers. The PDF Review Module guarantees accurate viewing of the file as it is intended is to print.
  • No software needed for viewing
    The interface is browser-based and the PDF file is available to the user at their convenience.
  • No user management whatsoever
    The PDF Review Module generates a unique URL that is sent via email. Your end-user only needs to click the link in the email to access the proof and inspect the PDF.

The PDF Review Module app is part of the Enfocus Online Proofing solution.


How it works

  • When a PDF file reaches the PDF Review Module App in the Switch flow, it is uploaded to the webserver.
  • After the upload, an email with a unique URL is sent to your customer.
  • The customer clicks the link. The PDF file to approve now opens in a browser-based viewer that supports overprint and transparency. There is no need to download or install any software.
  • The Approval options are customizable and are defined by the outgoing connections from the PDF Review App in the Switch flow.
  • When the user makes an approval decision, the PDF file is moved back to Switch and routed to the appropriate branch of the flow.


The following tools are available to the customer within the interface. These are customizable in Switch, so you don’t confuse the customer with tools he does not understand or need.

  • Separation view
  • Zoom / pan tool
  • Densitometer
  • Layer view
  • Document Information
  • Format Information, based on PitStop technology
  • Wireframe view
  • Ink Coverage overlay
  • Sticky Note, using standard PDF sticky notes, with the ability to save comments as Switch metadata
  • View as spreads
  • View Preflight Report

Setup and licensing

The PDF Review module consists of two parts, the first is an app that is used within your Switch flow. The second part is the PDF Review Module Server, which can be installed anywhere:

  • Within your network or DMZ.
  • Externally on a datacenter or cloud server.

The PDF Review module ships with 10 concurrent licenses. This means that ten customers can view and approve 10 different PDF files at the same time. Additional client licenses can be purchased if required.

The PDF Review Module requires the Switch Core Engine 13 update 1 and above. For maximum automation and efficiency it is recommended to include the Switch Metadata Module to the Switch configuration.

The end-user interface module is currently available in 22 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swedish and Russian.

Free Trial

If you would like to try the PDF Review module, please contact your local Enfocus Switch reseller.

Compatibility third-party applications

The solution requires a PDF Review Module web server, which can be purchased from your Enfocus reseller. For a fully automated email based PDF soft-proofing solution, it is also recommended to purchase the Switch Metadata Module.


5 reviews
Reto E. (Switzerland) installed this app.
Reviewed on 8 Apr 2022.

easy to use app to send pdfs to be reviewed by an external customer without registering. one can also create themes and let sert it up in the flow, so its possible to use different brands.

Aaron L. (United States) installed this app.
Reviewed on 28 May 2019.

Seems to check off quite a few tick boxes with the exception of functionality when attempting PDF review and approval on mobile devices. We are in the midst of our 30 day demo and have hope that at this point we have not configured things correctly but we are continuing to look at other options with greater interoperability between operating systems.

Lars-Olof T. (Sweden) installed this app.
Reviewed on 5 Mar 2019.

Nice app for soft proofing pdf files. Much more reliable than Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Elie B. (Canada) installed this app.
Reviewed on 12 Feb 2019.

This application extension is a great start for any shop and can be used out of the box with some simple settings. I hope to see some updates soon such as allowing users to Approve and Disapprove individual pages and re-upload replacement pages.

Roy V. (Netherlands) installed this app.
Reviewed on 14 Apr 2017.

Works fine for me.
The price is an issue for now.

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