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PDFspy is the ultimate “get info” utility for your PDF documents. It can extract a comprehensive list of attributes from a PDF file into an XML-based format.

Some examples of the many types of information PDFspy can extract:

  • Page information (count, size, boxes)

  • Fonts usage (name, type, embedding & subset status, use of Unicode)

  • Color info including colorspaces, separations marked and ink usage and coverage calculations

  • Images (size, resolution, compression, colorspace)

  • Text in raw (.txt), reconstructed words, lines, paragraphs and columns

  • Use of transparency, smooth shadings and patterns

  • Presence (or absence) of hidden text and optional content/layers

  • Hyperlinks (size, location and destination)

  • Annotations (size, location, type, contents, colors)

  • PDF/X compliance (including output intent details)

  • Metadata (info dictionary & XMP)

  • Security and Encryption settings

Example uses:

  • Order management system: compare customer files to order specifications

  • Asset management system: extract page count, metadata, font & image information

  • Document management: determine text or image only documents, extract comments

  • Preflight: extract information about colorspaces, compression & font types

  • Developers: easily examine the structure of complex PDF documents

NOTE: This app requires that Apago PDFspy be installed and licensed. Download PDFspy from https://www.apagoinc.com/product/pdfspy/


Switch Version Required:2023 Fall or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac
3rd Party Compatibility:Apago PDFspy v2.x  https://apagoinc.com/pdfspy/  

App creator

Apago, Inc.
+1 770-619-1884
Online support

App creator

Apago, Inc.
+1 770-619-1884
Online support