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Portals allows you to route jobs within Switch, without a direct connector. You can use this to better structure flows for readability, prevent crossing connectors and duplicate logic, and easily pass jobs between flows. Portals also makes sharing bundled flows much easier, as you don't need to relocate non-automanaged folders every time you import a flow on a new system. This bundle contains two apps: an incoming and an outgoing portal. Portals are multiplexed by channels (which you select in the script) so you can have multiple sets of portals within a single flow.

Switch Version Required: 13 update 1 or higher
Platform: Windows, Mac
3rd Party Compatibility: n/a

6 reviews
Colin H. (United Kingdom) installed this app.
Reviewed on 13 Dec 2017.

Portals application is a complete no brainer, does what is says on the tin, saves time and simplifies logic when designing your flow, which ultimately is neater without loads of connections here and there. Portals do the job just fine, support is great, what more can you expect. Just grab it and start using it.

Austin K. (United States) installed this app.
Reviewed on 12 Dec 2017.

It takes a little bit of thinking to really understand how this opens up flows and keeps multiple flows working cleaner, very worth the investment of time. If you need some ideas on how it works take a look at the virtual safari webinar from 2016.


Giuseppe M. (San Marino) installed this app.
Reviewed on 12 Dec 2017.

Portals really simplify complicated flow structures and enable some very cool functionality!

Instead of using unmanaged folders that have drawbacks (polling timeouts) you can direct a job into a portal and have come out of another portal. It has nothing to do with web portal functionality.

Highly recommended package!

Victor L. (France) installed this app.
Reviewed on 6 Dec 2017.

I like the web portal very strong app :

something that bother me a lot that don't flexibility to custom it
unless we have IT or specific developers to make own WB, we have to conform to your solution ...

I write to Jonas to explain myself and talk with Loic Aigon about that hope you will take a close look to it ;)

The last update is not good on the job popub view the big block break off clarity

Best regards Victor

rico M. (Denmark) installed this app.
Reviewed on 30 Aug 2017.

Portal is nice and easy to use and the apps are working quick and easy in switch.

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