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The radixPreflight app works in combination with the calibrate masterProfile that includes all relevant fixups and checks when preparing and preflighting PDF files for print production.

radixPreflight supports two use cases that can be applied individually or combined.

calibrate templates

  • defines all required fixups, checks, exceptions and namedFeatures
  • can be based on other templates
  • check against common standards like PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-4, GWG 2015 or pdfxReady 2.0.

calibrate jobTicket

  • define your own product specific intents for layout, color, folding and so on
  • checks and fixups will automatically be defined depending on the ticket
  • define ticket specific features

In addition, we offer a set of features to fulfill the requirements for offset printing, digital printing or large format printing.

The radixPreflight app makes it easy to automate PDF preflight in an Enfocus Switch environment.

Switch Version Required:2023 Fall or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac
3rd Party Compatibility:
  • Callas PDF Toolbox CLI 14 or higher

App creator

calibrate workflow consulting GmbH

App creator

calibrate workflow consulting GmbH