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Break up a PDF file based on a variety of page characteristics

This app splits PDF files into multiple PDF's based on a dynamic page range. There are nine different strategies for defining page range.

The page range can be a simple string (1-10, 11- 17, etc.), a number of pages per output file, or the page range can be calculated automatically based on:

  • a change of page size
  • a change of color (from gray to color or vice versa)
  • a change of output intent at the page level (a new feature of PDF2.0)
  • the presence of one or more empty pages
  • the presence of a bookmark
  • cover and body content for books
  • a PitStop Action List to detect elements such as chapter heads

It is also possible to separate pages based on barcode detection, image detection, and text detection.

This app requires that PitStop Server is installed.

Switch Version Required:2022 Fall or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac
3rd Party Compatibility:PitStop Server 2022 when using the strategy "Output intent change"

3 reviews
Fabian F. (Sweden) installed this app.
Reviewed on 12 Nov 2023.

Works fine. Only issue I have is that you must add an appendix and all I want is to get the first page for creating a thumbnail.

M. D. (Netherlands) installed this app.
Reviewed on 30 Dec 2021.

Top, works perfectly and easy. Does what it says. Easy does it.

colorteam swtich 3. (China, Republic of (Taiwan)) installed this app.
Reviewed on 9 Aug 2021.

This is a great app. It seems to solve our long-standing problems.
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to use it.
During the process, there were some problems.

I have already responded. Case Number:

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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