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What does the QuickEasy Connect app do?

The QuickEasy Connect is an app to update the progress of an uploaded pdf to QuickEasy as it travels through Switch.

The sample flows that can be downloaded are a good starting point for establishing flows for integrating QuickEasy into your Switch installation.
The out connections from the QuickEasy Updater must be followed, however everything after the out connections from the app can be customised for the use case.

The outline of the linear progression of a job through Switch is as follows:

  • A pdf picked up by the QuickEasy app with the QuickEasy XML data transferred as a dataset onto the pdf
  • The pdf is copied to a file archive location - file archive location reported back to QuickEasy updating the JDF window
  • The pdf is then preflighted - preflight document stored in the file archive next to the original file - location of preflight file reported back to QuickEasy updating the JDF window
  • The pdf is then sent to PDF Review for approval by client - PDF Review link reported back to QuickEasy updating the JDF window
  • The pdf is then either approved or not approved by client - this status is reported back to QuickEasy updating the JDF window

As the XML data from QuickEasy is attached as a dataset to the pdf this data can be used in the Switch flow to check the job against the work ticket information from QuickEasy, pdf review notifications sent to the client's email address as specified in the XML dataset, routing to the correct press, etc.

How does the QuickEasy Connect app update the QuickEasy ERP?

The QuickEasy ERP software is updated by means of XML.
The XML to update QuickEasy is formatted to an XML format as laid out by QuickEasy, inside the app. This XML is then sent to the relevant out connection. The out connection is linked to a folder that is polled by BOS Server.
When BOS Server finds XML for updating QuickEasy it processes this XML, bootstrapping a process to update the QuickEasy app's database.

What are the advantages of having the status of a job updated to QuickEasy?

The quickEasy ERP system is generally the central place for inputting & getting information on a job for print.
It is a logical progression then to have a method of updating the status of a job to QuickEasy as it travels through Switch.

This means that by calling up a job that one knows has been uploaded to QuickEasy one can get an idea of where the job is in Switch, without having to look at job boards in the Switch Web interface.
That being said this funtionality in QuickEasy does not replace job boards in Switch.

If the QuickEasy file archive is well maintained repeat jobs can easily be downloaded at some point in the future.
The history of the job is written into the status window in the JDF - Switch window. By being able to see the history of a job, it will help with any queries post the job being produced.
As the links of the uploaded assets are clickable, pdf's that were uploaded to QuickEasy can easily be viewed in Acrobat.
PDF Review links are reported back to QuickEasy. These links can be followed to check what was sent for client approval.

Other advantages of the QuickEasy Connect app

  • CSR can submit data rich jobs to Switch from within QE
  • Customer and CSR can get almost immediate feedback on the printability of the files and a preflight report of any errors, with no needing to wait for Prepress to give feedback on a job after working through jobs already in the queue for Prepress.
  • Customer can approve job online with the PDF Review Server

About QuickEasy

Text qouted from the QuickEasy web site:

When understanding more about QuickEasy BOS we need to go back to the beginning. Established in 1998, QuickEasy BOS is focused on developing and supporting a cost-effective, easy-to-use Business Operating System that provides all the functionality you would expect from big brand ERP’s, to run SME’s efficiently.

A proudly South African company, with hundreds of happy clients across the globe, and across every sector, we continue to build a solid client base against some of the world’s top brands. BOS ERP is efficient at streamlining complex business operations, and improving productivity and efficiency in companies in the manufacturing, engineering, printing, packaging, events, services, and hospitality industries, to name a few. QuickEasy BOS improves back-office functions and integrates admin and finance teams with manufacturing and front office functions. One final fact worth mentioning about QuickEasy BOS is that we retain our clients year on year because our affordable solutions are continually updated and improved according to our customers’ needs.

QuickEasy Information

Further documentation on the JDF - Switch integration can be found at the below link:

QuickEasy JDF - Switch

Link to QuickEasy Web site:

QuickEasy Software

Switch Version Required:2022 Fall or higher
3rd Party Compatibility:The QuickEasy Connect app works in conjunction with the QuickEasy ERP system. Link to the QuickEasy site below: QuickEasy Software

App creator

Colorflow Solutions Ltd
+27 21 423 5695
Online support

App creator

Colorflow Solutions Ltd
+27 21 423 5695
Online support