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Blazing Planning

Built from the ground up to cut costs, Phoenix is a sophisticated true-AI planning and imposition application that has been boosting efficiencies for print service providers across all segments, from packaging, labels, commercial, corrugated, and wide format printing.

Precise, Dynamic Imposition

Phoenix Imposition AI takes an entirely different approach to common imposition solutions. Rather than template-driven, it operates according to machine and production requirements to generate print-ready layouts on-the-fly. It factors in parameters, such as job specifications, print devices, finishing requirements, and delivery considerations, to search across potentially millions of possibilities for the optimal layout. When a final option has been selected, Phoenix generates print-ready layouts and JDF or die instructions, and reports, for all devices in the production chain.

Tight Integration

Uniting planning and prepress functions, Phoenix can be integrated into your chosen workflow or MIS system to enable fast accurate estimates, shrink prepress time, automate error-prone tasks, maximize media usage, and reduce postpress complexity.

Impose in an Instant

The Phoenix2Switch app provides seamless connectivity between Enfocus Switch and Phoenix with over 150 dynamic properties controlling virtually all facets of bound, folded, tiled, and die-based imposition, eliminating the need to build pre-defined templates.  13 export formats are supported to drive your press and finishing devices:

  • Imposed PDF and JDF
  • Die/cutting data as CFF2, DXF, PDF, and ZCC
  • Detailed text-based reports in XML and JSON
  • PDF-based reports
  • Vector separation export for varnish and foiling
  • PDF-based cover sheets
  • Tiling reports
  • Phoenix project files

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Switch Version Required:2017 update 1 or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac

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