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About XML Toolkit

Ever needed the ability to create XML on-the-fly with Switch metadata? Join multiple XML files together into a single XML file? Convert an XML file into a CSV or Excel file? Or, perhaps, you’re familiar with other similar automation software like Switch that has similar functionality. This is the answer.

XML Toolkit is a collection of apps (or tools) to create, manipulate, and convert XML documents for ease of use within Switch flows. They were also designed to work together to provide more benefit than just utilizing them separately.

If there is functionality you believe is missing, or have an idea on how to expand the current functionality, please reach out to us by sending us an email with the subject prefix “XML Toolkit Functionality”.

The Bundle

Presently, XML Toolkit consists of the following six apps:

  • Create XML files with basic syntax validation and variable encoding for correct XML output. Switch metadata fields can be used to create complex structures, including the use of script expressions (with the Scripting Module). This app can also allow you to create simple (non-XML based) text documents for other purposes.

  • Edit XML documents using a find-and-replace method, similar to the Rename job action available in Switch. Each action can build on the previous, by adding new elements/nodes, attributes, comments, or removing node structures entirely.

    • V2: Now supports XPath 2.0 Functions!

  • Split XML documents into multiple by a common element. Useful for cases where a singular file contains more than one ‘thing’, you need to take action on. For example, a web-2-print solution sends a single xml file with multiple ordered items. Splitting on this document allows you to send multiple out.

  • Join XML documents together from an XPath expression. Merging these documents eliminates the need to keep track of separate documents all together, or to create complex XML structures with ease.

  • Convert From XML allows you to convert your incoming document to one of several formats. Below are a list of what is available:

    • JSON

    • Excel 2007+ XML Format

    • Excel 2007+ Macro XML Format

    • Excel 2007+ Binary Format

    • Excel 97-2004 Workbook Format

    • Excel 2.0 - Excel 5.0/95 Workbook Format

    • Excel 2003-2004 (SpreadsheetML)

    • Numbers 3.0+ Spreadsheet

    • OpenDocument Spreadsheet

    • Flat OpenDocument Spreadsheet

    • Lotus Workbook (WK3)

    • Lotus Worksheet (WK1)

    • Lotus Formatted Text

    • Comma Separated Values

    • UTF-16 Unicode Text (TXT)

    • Symbolic Link (SYLK)

    • HTML Document

    • Data Interchange Format (DIF)

    • dBASE II + VFP Extensions (DBF)

    • Rich Text Format (RTF)

    • Ethercalc Record Format (ETH)

  • Convert to XML from an incoming document. Outputting a proper XML document that can be attached as a dataset to be utilized in Switch. Supported formats (currently) are as follows:

    • CSV

    • Excel Spreadsheet

    • JSON

Simple Use-Cases

  • Create an XML/JDF file to send for output to another application or RIP.

  • Edit existing XML by adding new information to the file before saving out to a job folder.

  • Split on multi-item jobs to send through Switch individually.

Multi-App Use-Cases

  • Create a CSV of batched incoming jobs by using the Create XML app to create the individual XML’s, Join XML app to join these files together, and Convert From XML app to make a CSV document.

About Significans Automation

Significans Automation Inc. specializes in delivering next-generation automation to the Printing and Packaging industry. The company offers programming and expertise in custom workflow development, communication and project management, color management, prepress training, and end-to-end business integration. The company is driven by the conviction that customized automation is the only path forward.

Switch Version Required:2022 Spring or higher
Platform:Windows, Mac

3 reviews
Kendall G. (United States)
Reviewed on 13 Nov 2023.

Works great for what I need! I can handle the JSON data that is pulled from my e-commerce website very easily and logically within one element instead of using many different elements to achieve what I need. (Especially when they are running between elements that are provided by XML Toolkit)

Jeff S. (United States)
Reviewed on 10 Nov 2023.

A great toolset for working with XML files, and a lot more approachable than XSLT for making changes.

We use this to split orders into their constituent items, process them separately, then recombine them.

Great support from the Significans team as well!

Stephane A. (France)
Reviewed on 2 Jun 2023.

This is a brilliant and awesome app!!!

Having so many possibilities offered within the different modules saves an incredible amount of time.

Sean (in Support) is very responsive, open-minded to improvements, and we saved a considerable amount of time for a Customer deployment with these modules.

I highly recommend a trial and subscription if your problems can be solved with XMLToolkit!

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

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Significans Automation
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App creator

Significans Automation
Online support