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This app provides the ability to track and trace approval cycles and will generate reports for your Enfocus PDF Review Module files, collections or brands, with each file’s url, approval status, decision (button clicked), and list of comments.

PDF Review Module Reporter can work in 2 different ways:

  1. It reads the report data from the review dataset added by the PDF Review Module app and creates an html version of the report, attached as email body, [Job.EmailBody].
  2. It connects with the PDF Review Module server though its API, gets review info about all or specific collections, files or brands (based on your choice), and creates reports. The reports are xml files, with the same xml file attached as a dataset, and with an html version saved as email body, [Job.EmailBody], so that you can easily embed it in an email template. 

You can send the report email(s) to the customer service representative, prepress operator, customer, and anyone else that should receive the report. 
You can change the look and feel of the html report to match your house style and branding by changing the cascading style sheet (classes beginning with PDFR) in the email template. Two sample email templates are available for download in the resources.

If you use method 2, the app needs a trigger job. You can add a submit point in front of it to start the reporting on demand, or use an element like Inject job or an app like FireStarter to generate new reports on fixed time or every n hours. There is an option to only report updates, to limit the amount of report (emails) and avoid sending new reports when nothing has changed.

Switch Version Required: 2021 Fall or higher
Platform: Windows, Mac
3rd Party Compatibility: PDF Review Module Server 2
Julien K. (Canada) installed this app.
Reviewed on 29 Nov 2021.

Works great!

Only negative is reports are generate per collection. If you're looking to have a single report with all the collections, regrouping the reports and putting them in alphabetical order is messy. Feel like it should be an option with the app.

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